Historian's Report
by Susan Duffey
January 1999 Bundle 13 items
The Boxwooder, January 1999. #354. 12 pp Jake Warner
The Countersign, February 1999, 8pp, 4x5, Pat & Jeff Jennings
The Dust Bin. Winter 1998, #11. 8pp & cover, Jim & Carolyn Hedges
The Flexible Voice. January 1999. #229.4pp, Robert Orbach
The Gage Pin, January 1999, #58, 12 pp & cover, Fred H.. Gage
Leather Or Prunella, December 1998, #7. 4pp. Ken Faig
Merry-Go-Round, Winter 1998, #20, 2 pp, 8x11,Merry Harris
Modern Mimeoslop, December 1998. 4pp, 5x8. Roy Lindberg & John Larsen
National Calamity. January 1999, # 106. 4pp, 5x7, Frederick J. Liddle
Peck's Patter New Year 1999, #18, 1pp. 8x11, Elaine Peck
Postcard (Russian) New Year's Greeting. Daniel Graham
Shambler, January 1999, 2 pp, 4x5, Al Fick
Tracks,. Dec 1998, #8, 4 pp. 5x8, Linda Jean Foster

Historian's Report by Susan Duffey
February 1999 Bundle
The Boxwooder, February 99, #355, 8 pp & cover, Jake Warner
Campane, March 99, #193, 12pp, 5x7, Harold Segal
The Dust Bin, Summer 98, #10, 8pp & cover, James Hedges
The Flexible Voice, February 99, #230, 4pp, Robert Orbach
Keepsake, (in honor of 100th anniversary of Golding 1899 jobber), 6x9 Harold Davids
NAPA Constitution & By-Laws, w/Resolutions, 98, 24pp & cov, supplied by J. Warner
The Scarlet Cockerel, issued possibly October 98, # 91, 24 pp, & cover, Ralph Babcock
Tracks, January 99, #9, 4pp, 5x8, Linda Jean Foster
The United's Policy 1920-1921, February 99. 4pp, Kenneth W. Fang, Jr.

March 1999 Bundle
Alpha & Omega, March 99, #84, 4pp, 4x5, Keithe M. Gray
Asian Accent, March 99, unnumbered, 4pp, Linda Eveland
Bits and Pieces, March 99, #1, 4pp, 4x5, Linda Eveland
The Boxwooder, March 99, #356, 12pp & cover, Jake Warner
The Buck Creek Press, March 99. #22, 4pp Wilson L. Barto, Sr.
Campane, Harold Segal
The Countersign, March 99, 5pp, 4x5, Jeffrey and Patricia Jennings
The Flexible Voice, March 99, #231, 4pp, Robert Orbach
Galley Proof March 99, #47, 4pp, 5x8, Lowell F. Adams
Gazebo News, March 99, #22, 4 pp, 7x8, Joseph A. Diachenko
Geier's Crier, February 99, #11, 4pp, 5x7, Marguerite E. Geier
The Good Life, March 99, unnumbered, 2pp, Estelle Eaton
Merry-Go-Rouind, Spring 99, #21, 2pp, Merry Harris
NAPA San Diego, Februay 99, #52, 4pp, Gale Sheldon
National Calamity, March 99, #107, 4pp, Fred Fiddle
Reflections & Refractions, Winter 99, #50, 10pp Harold Davids
Say When, February 99, #2, 4pp, 4x5, Tom Parson
Shampane, Easter 99, #88, 4pp, 4x 7 Alvold Seck, B.S., M.B.A., D.D., D. J., D.N.A.
Tracks, February 99, #10, 4pp, 5x8, Linda Jean Foster

Note: At this point, there was no Histoian's Report published in th NA. What follows is taken from The Critics Report By Merry Harris. It is not known if Merry commented on every paper or these are the only ones she made comments on.. You may note above, Campane was added in March with no additional information, because it showed up on the Critics's Report but not in the Historian's Report.

Apri 1999
Bits and Pieces, Linda Eveland
The Boxwooder, Jake Warner
The Flexible Voice, Robert Orbach
Gazebo News.Joseph A. Diachenko
Golden Sun,Jim Doolittle
Napa West, Gale Sheldon and others
Old Hat, Helena R. Keefe
Original Entry, #126, Mar 99, Keith M. Gray
Orriginal Thoughts, Richard Orr
Photo-Op, Linda Eveland
The Quoin Key, Mark Barbour
Reflections & Refractions, Harold Davids

Alpha & Omega, Keith Gray
Birch Street Gazette, Alan Harshaw
The Boxwooder, Jake Warner
Campane, Harold Seggal
The Flexible Voice, Robert Orbach
Lake Effect 1, Arie Koelewyn, 24pp
Leather Or Pruella, Ken Faig
Merry-Go-Round, Merry Harris
Reflections & Refractions, Harold E. Davids, O.D.
Silver and Gold,Gale Sheldon
Tracks 12, L. J. Foster

June 1999
The Buck Creek Press, Wilson Barto Sr.
The Boxwooder, Jake Warner
Campane, Harold Segal
The Gage Pin, Fred Gage
Gazebo News, Joe Diachenko
NAPA San Diego, Gale Sheldon
National Calamity 108, Fred Liddle
Reflections & Refractions, Harold E. Davids, O.D. (ret)
Dendragon, May issue, Helen Wesson,
The Plumb Line, Ronald J. Young

Also Received
The Fossil, Vol. 96, No. 4, #307, July 1999, Ken Faig

Note again in the absence of a Historian's Report, The Critic's Report has be used and in this case the Critic admits some papers are missing from her bundles through October 1999.

July 1999
The Boxwooder (probably #360, not listed but certainly there) Jake Warner
The Old Hat, No. 10, Helena R. Keefe
Orriginal Thoughts, No. 95, Richard Orr
Reflections & Refractions, Numbers 54, 555, 56, Harold Davids
Tracks, No. 15, Linda Jean (LJ) Foster

August and Summer 1999
The Boxwooder, #361
The Gage Pin No. 60, Fred Gage
National Calamity, No. 109, Fred Liddle
The Rosewood Rambler, No.23, Leah G. Warner

September 1999
The Boxwooder, No. 362, Jake Warner
The Buck Creek Press, No. 24, Wilson Barto, Sr.
Campane, No. 196, Harold Segal
The Darwin Awards, Linda Eveland
The Flexible Voice, No. 234, Robert Orbach
National Calamity, No. 110, Fred Liddle
Shampane, No. 89, Al Fick and Harold Segal
Silver and Gold, No.31, Gale Sheldon

October 1999
Boxwooder No. 363, Jake Warner
The Countersign, Pat & Jeff Jennings
Leather Or Prunella, No. 9, Ken Faig
NAPA San Diego, No. 54, Gale Sheldon

November 1999
The Boxwooder, No. 364, Jake Warner
Campane, No. 197, Harold Segal
Commentary, No. 10, Ralph Howell
The Countersign, Pat & Jeff Jennings
The eNAPAn, Havwesson (Helen Wesson)
The Ethnicicicist, No.19, Jim Kapplin
The Flexible Voice, No 236, Robert Orbach
Golden Argosy, Mike Horvat
The Good Life, Estelle Eaton
NAPA West, No. 58, Gale Sheldon and others
The old Hat, No. 11, Helena R. Keefe
On the Prowell, No. 38, Clarence Prowell
Pendragon 10, Helen Wesson
Shampane, No. 90, Harold Segal

This unfortunately ends my record for 1999. There was no Historian and the Critic's Reports jumped from November 1999 to January 2000