January 1987 Bundle
APC News 18, January, 12pp, Amateur Printers Club
Alpha & Omega 33, January, 4pp, Keith M. Gray
The Boxwooder 207 sup., undated. 1pp, Jake Warner
The Boxwooder 210. January, 16pp & cover, Jake Warner
Countersign. unnum, January. I pp. Pat & Jeff Jennings
Ethnicicicst 6, December. 6pp, Jim Kapplin
Mailer Memo 1. January, 1pp. Gale Sheldon
Mini-Voice 1. January. 1pp, Robert Orbach
Potpourri 11, Winter. 4pp, Guy Miller
Patina Press Journal 17. Decembe,. 2pp, Flo & Ken Koon
People Watcher 169. January, 4pp, Lauren R. Geringer
Press With the Flexible Voice 80, November. 2pp, Robert Orbach
Press With the Flexible Voice 81,.December, 2pp, Robert Orbach
Press With the Flexible Voice 82, January, 2pp, Robert Orbach
Siamese Standpipe 62 January, 10pp & cover, Helen & Sheldon Wesson
Silver & Gold.14, January, 24pp & cover, Gale Sheldon

February 1987 Bundle
Alpha & Omega 34,. February, 4pp, Keith M. Gray
Big Bodkin 5,. January,. 4pp. J.A. Diachenko
The Boxwooder 211, February, 12pp & cover, Jake Warner
Campane 126, February, 12pp, Harold Segal
Dingbat 3, February, 4pp, Lowell F. Adams
Express, unnum. February. , 2 pp. Clarence Lawing
Just Our Type 42, February, 1pp. Matilda S. & William F. Haywood
Mailer's Memo 2. February, 1pp, Gale Sheldon
NAPA San Diego 17, February, 4pp, San Diego NAPA members
Original Entry 79, February, 1pp, Keith M. Gray
Peck's Patter 6, Christmas, 2pp, Jess & Elaine Peck
Penny Magazine 20, January, 4pp, C.H. Goldsberry
People Watcher 170, February, 4pp, Lauren R. Geringer
Posthorn Press Keepsake 6, undated, 2pp, John F. Dingman
Seasons Keepsakes, Series Two, Special, January, 16pp & cover, Willis & Dorothy Hutchison

The above was taken from March 1987 issue of the NA, Vol. 109, No. 3. The OE was Richrd S. George, but no Historian is listed. The Critics Report was too hard to convert into a report similiar to a Historian's report, so no report of printing activity is found from March through June of 1987, that was published in The National Amateur.

Journals received July through October 1987
(Dated 1987 unless specified otherwise)
Alpha and Omega #36, August, 4pp, Keith Gray
BiG Bodkin #8, July, 4pp, Joseph A. Diachenko
BiG Bodkin #9, September, 4pp, as above
The Boxwooder #216, July, 12pp w/cover, Jacob Warner
The Boxwooder #217, August, 12pp w/c, as above
The Boxwooder #218, September, 12pp w/c, as above
The Boxwooder #219, October, 12pp w/c, as above
The Bradbury Press #2, August, 4pp, Thomas Patell
Campane, #129, August, 12pp, Harold Segal
Campane # 130, October, 12pp, as above
The Flexible Voice #88, July, 2pp, Robert Orbach
The Flexible Voice #89. August, 2pp, as above
The Flexible Voice #90, September, 2pp, as above
The Gage Pin #20, August, 4pp, Fred Gage
Glad Tidings, May, 2pp, Sheldon Wesson and Harold Segal
Inklings, July, Elaine Peck & Utah Amateur Press Club
Just Our Type #45, August, 4pp, Matilda & William F. Haywood
The Kitchen Stove #67, October, 4pp, Louise Lincoln
La Prensa Antigua #8, July, Peyton Reavis
The NAPA Convention, July, 1pp, Charles Goldsberry
NAPA San Diego, #19, September, Gale Sheldon & San Diego members
National Calamity #62, October 4pp, Fred Liddle
Nostalgic History Series #1, August, 1pp, Willis & Dorothy Hutchinson
OAPG News, August, 4pp, M.& W. Haywood and Ohio Amateur Press Guild
Original Entry #82, July, 4pp, Keith M. Gray
Original Entry #83, September, 8pp, Keith M. Gray
Original Entry #84, October, 4pp, Keith M. Gray
Patina Press #18, August, 2pp, Flo & Ken Koon
The Penny Magazine #24, August, Charles Goldsberry
People Watcher #175, July, 4pp, Lauren Gehringer
People Watcher #176, August, 4pp, as above
People Watcher #177, September, 4pp, as above
People Watcher #178, October, 4pp, as above
Posthorn Press #9, 1pp, John Dingman
Ramona Ramblings #20, Fall, 2pp, J.G. Wood
Ray's Ravings #9, July, 2pp, Ray Winslett
The Reviewer #2, August, 4pp, Guy Miller
The Rosewood Rambler #18, September, 8pp, Leah Warner
Savory Salt #1, July 2, 4pp, Elaine Peck and conventioneers
Savory Salt #2, July 3, as above
Savory Salt #3, July 4, as above
Shambler #41, Summer, 2pp, Al Fick
Shampane #37, Dog Days, 4pp, Alvin Fick and Harold Segal
Shampane #38, Labor Day, 4pp, as above
The Skylight #8, July, 2pp, Ed Loeffler
Toughened Fibers #4, July, 2pp, Ethel Mullins
Toughened Fibers #5,August, 2pp, as above
Toughened Fibers #6, September, 2pp, as above
The Wanton Calf, #3, 4pp, E.X. Fielding
—Ken Koon

November 1987 Bundle
Alpha & Omega 36, Aug., 4pp, Keith M. Gray
Alpha & Omega errata 37a, Nov., 1pp. Keith M. Gray
The BiG Bodkin 10, Oct., 4pp. Joseph A. Diachenko
The Boxwooder 220, Nov., 8pp w/cover, Jacob L.Warner
The Countersign, Nov., 1pp, Jeffrey Jennings
The Flexible Voice 91, Oct., 4pp, Robert Orbach
The Flexible Voice 92, Oct., 4pp, Robert Orbach
The Flexible Voiceski, 1pp, Robert Orbach
Limited Edition 30, Oct., 4pp w/cover, Phil Cade
Mailer's Memo 11, Nov., 1pp, Gale Sheldon
The Mini Digest 63, Oct., 8pp Warren Rosenberger
People Watcher 179, Nov., 4pp, Lauren R. Geringer
The Posthorn Press 10, 1pp, John F. Dingman
The Reviewer 3, Nov., 4pp, Guy Miller
Shampane 39, Oct., 4pp, Alvin Fick & Harold Segal
Silver & Gold 16, Nov., 24pp w/cover, Gale Sheldon
Skylight 10, Nov., 1pp, Ed Loeffler
Toughened Fibers 7, Oct., 2pp, Ethel Mullins
VAPA Trails 38, Oct., 4pp, J. A. Diachenko & others

December 1987 Bundle
Alpha & Omega 38, Dec., 4pp, Keith Gray
American Evangelist & Ajayer 27, Fall, 8pp, Russell Paxton
A Printer, 1pp, Don Hildreth
The BiG Bodkin 11, Nov., 4pp, J.A. Diachenko
The Boxwooder 221, Dec., 12pp, Jacob Warner
Buried Treasure 12, Dec., 4pp, Gale Sheldon & Dick
FlemingCampane 131, Dec., 12pp, Harold Segal
The Flexible Voice 93, Nov., Robert Orbach
Life's Shorts, 2pp, Clarence Lawing
Mailer's Memo 12, 1pp, Gale Sheldon
Merry Christmas, 1pp, Robert Schladetzky
The Mini Digest 64, Dec., 8pp, Warren Rosenberger
NAPA West 33, Fall, 28pp w/cover, Ed Fielding and NAPA West members
National Calamity 63, Dec., 4pp, Fred Liddle
Nostaligic History Series 2, Nov., 8pp w/cover, Willis and Dorothy Hutchinson
People Watcher 180, Dec., 4pp, Lauren Geringer
The Posthorn Press 10, 1pp, John Dingman
Ramona Ramblings 21, Winter, 4pp, J. G. Wood
Rays, Autumn, 4pp, Ray Albert
Ray's Ravings 10, Dec., 2pp, Ray Winslett
The Reviewer 4, Dec., 4pp, Guy Miller
Toughened Fibers 8, Nov., 2pp, Ethel Mullins