January 1977 Bundle 21 items

Ahoy There 2, Dec., Jane &Erling Hustvedt, 1p.

APC News 133, Dec. 31, Amateur Press Club, 4p.

Bagatelle. July, Job Watts, 14p&c.

Belleair Bugle 22, Edwin H. Randle, 16p.

Blunder 4, Oct., David F. Ash, 4p.

Book of Original Entry 38, Keith M. Gray, 8p.

Boxwooder 90, Jacob L Warner, 12p&c.

Challenge 1/1, Lawrence Switzer, 1p.

Dichotomania 2/1, Ron & Irene Lester, 12p&c.

Journal of a Garret Grouch 20, May, Jack M. Hageman, 8p.

Journal of a Garret Grouch 21, Jack M. Hageman, 12p.

Kansas City, Nov., Joseph Hillis, 12p&c.

? Mark, Dec., Lenore R Hughes, 4p.

Natural Printer 8, Nov., Lewis A. Hildreth, 16p&c.

Offshoot 17, David L Warner, 10p.

People Watcher 50, Lauren R Geringer, 4p.

Pocket Journal 40, Adelbert M. Jakeman, Jr., 2p.

Pursuit of Happiness 21, Nov., Marjorie & Charles Colvin, 4p.

Pursuit of Happiness 22, Nov., Marjorie &Charles Colvin, 4p.

Report from the Colvins 1976, 48, Dec., Marjorie & Charles Colvin, 4p.

Writer's Roundup 4/14, Helen Middleton Amos, ed., 4p.


February 1977 Bundle 21 items

All Amateur American 62, Ernest P. Witte, 4p.

Book of Original Entry 39, Keith M. Gray, 4p.

Boxwooder 91, Jacob L Warner, 12p&c.

Calico Patch, Patricia Sanders, 2p.

Cemetery Rabbit 58, Jan., Vic & Rowena Moitoret, 12p.

Cerebrations 25, Carla Patsuris, 4p.

Corduroy Patch, Ed Schaffer, 4p.

Countersign, Jeffrey Jennings, I p.

Entrada 4, Oct., Keffers &Moitorets, 4p.

Entrada 5, Oct., Flemings &Moitorets, 4p.

Flying Coffin 1, Jan., Dick Fleming, 4p.

Giffgaff 4, Warners, etc., 4p.

Hand Press Renditions 2, Joseph C. Ivkowic, 10p&c.

Hemi-Demi-Semi-Quavers 28, John Gillick, 8p&c.

In(k)spirations 23, Jan., Lea Palmer, 4p.

Journal of Garret Grouch 22, Jack M. Hageman, 4p.

Literary Newsette 595, Willamette Keffer, 4p.

Offshoot 18, David Warner, 4p.

Ohio Sorts 1, 31 Dec.-1 Jan., Ohio Amateur Press Guild, 4p.

People Watcher 51, Lauren Geringer, 4p.

Typominia 5, Jan., Joseph Hillis, 10p&c.



Listings are by bundles, then alphabetically by journal title. Absence of a date indicates the journal is dated the same month as the bundle. A colon divides "Volume" and "Number" in that order. Abbreviations: n.d.—no date; n.n.—no number; n.s.—new series; p—page(s); p&c—pages & cover. (Only printed pages are counted.)


March 1977 Bundle 25 items

All Amateur American 63, Ernest P. Witte, 4p.

Amtrak Grouch, Groundhog Day, 1977, Jack Hage­man & Al Fick, 4p.

Belleair Bugle 23, Edwin H. Randle, 16p.

Book of Original Entry 40, Keith M. Gray, 4p.

Boxwooder 92, Jacob L. Warner, 16p&c.

Campane 80, Harold Segal, 12p.

Challenge 1:2, Feb., L. V. Switzer, 1p.

Challenge 1:3, L. V. Switzer, 1p.

Consider 12, Jan. 1976 (sic), Harold Smolin, 12p&c.

Countersign, n.n., Jeffrey Jennings, 1pp.

In[k]spirations 24, April, Lea Palmer, 4p.

Journal of a Garret Grouch 23, Feb., Jack M. Hage­man, 6p.

Kitchen Stove 48th Heating, Louise Lincoln, 4p.

Lingual Groove 1:9, Fall, 1976, Howard Henderson, 4p.

MapleLeaf, n.n., Winter 1976-77,4p.

National Calamity 23, Fred Liddle, 4p.

Offshoot 19, David Warner, 4p.

Pariah 3, Alvin S. Fick, 16p&c.

People Watcher 52, Lauren R. Geringer, 4p.

Pocket Journal 41, Adelbert M. Jakeman, Jr., 2p.

Pursuit of Happiness 23, Marjorie & Charles Colvin, Feb., 4p.

Reflections & Refractions 14, Winter 1977, Harold E. Davids, 4p.

Trailblazer 1, Feb., Marie Ballweg, 4p.

Womble 1, Oct. 1976, Phil Parr, 8p.

Writers Round-Up 4:15, n.d., Helen Middleton Amos, ed., Richard H. Meyer, publ., 4p


April 1977 Bundle 16 items

Acorn 22, Richard H. Meyer, 8p.

Alabama Yellow Hammer 7, G. V. Stelzenmuller, Sr., 2p.

All Amateur American 64, Ernest P. Witte, 4p.

Bandwagon n.s. 1, Feb., R. W. Ryan, 2p.

Book of Original Entry 41, Keith M. Gray, 4p.

Boxwooder 93, Jake Warner, 12p&c.

Empire 42, George W. Trainer, 12p.

Hemidemisemiquavers 29, n.d., John Gillick, 4p.

Journal of a Garret Grouch 24, March, Jack M. Hageman, 4p.

Kitten 103, March, Alf Babcock, 4p.

NAPA West 13, Spring, various contributors, 18p&c.

People Watcher 53, Lauren R. Geringer, 4p.

Pursuit of Happiness 24, March, Charles Colvin, 4p.

Shampane 11, March 26-27, Al Fick & Harold Segal, 4p.

Typomania 42, March, Joseph Hillis, 12p&c.

Writers' Round-Up 4:16, n.d., Helen Middleton Amos & Richard H. Meyer, 5p.



May 1977 Bundle 14 items

All Amateur American 65, June, Ernest P. Witte, 4p.

Aspect Inkling 1, Jan., Phil Parr, 8p.

Bell Ringer 2, Dolores Griffin, 2p.

Belleair Bugle 24, Edwin H. Randle, 24p.

Boxwooder 94, Jake Warner, 12p&c.

Cerebrations 26, April, Carla Patsuris, 4p.

Countersign, n. n., n. d., Jeffrey Jennings, 1p.

Dichotomania 2:2, Ron, Irene & Bob Lester, 12p&c.

Mini-Digest 10, Spring, Warren Rosenberger, 16p.

On the Prowell 10, Clarence D. Prowell, 4p.

Original Entry 42, Keith M. Gray, 4p.

People Watcher 54, Lauren R. Geringer, 4p.

Pocket Journal 42, Adelbert M. Jakeman, Jr., 2p.

Stagecoach West 4, 1977, Audrey & C. Otto Strandberg, 4p.

June 1977 Bundle 23 items

The American Evangelist and Ajayer 18, Spring/Surnmer 1977: Russell L. Paxton: 12pp (Inc. text on cover)

The Boxwooder 95, June 1977, Jacob L. Warner: 12pp & cover

Cerebrations 27, May 1977: Carla Patsuris. 4pp.

The Countersign. May 1977: Jeffrey Jennings, 1pp

The Curmudgeon, July 1977: Mike Horvat, 4pp.

El Rey Press, Vol. VII. whole # 10, June 1977, Laurence Redmon: 2pp

Experiment 17, May 1977, Joseph F. Bradbum, 12pp

The Empire 43, June 1977, George W. Trainer, 12pp

The Journal of a Garret Grouch, 25, June 1977, anonymous (Jack Hageman), 8pp,

Hemisemidemiquavers 30, June 1977, John Gillick, 4pp

National Calamity 24, June 1977, Fred Liddle, 4 pp

Odyssey 7. May 1977, Aimee Odessa: 4pp

People Watcher 55. June 1977, Lauren R. Geringer. 4 pp.

Potpourrii 6, Winter 1976, Guy Miller, 4pp

Pratique Vol. 1. #1, Pratt Poff, 8pp

Report from Printery Farm, June 1977: Betty Humfleet, 1pp.

Question Mark, Vol. IV. # I . Spring-Sumner, Lenore Hughes, 1pp

Reflections,. Vol. 8. #1,. Spring 1977, Webb W. Ayres, 4pp

Ripples 1, March 1977, James W. Beaudry, 8pp

Shambler 27, June 1977, Al Fick, 8pp

Slipsheet, Memorial Day 1977, George Wm.. Hamilton, 2pp

Typomania 6, April 1977, Joseph Hillis, 12pp & cover.

VAPA Trails 23, 21 May 1977, Jacob Warner and others, 4pp


July 1977 Bundle 15 items

The Alabama Yellow-Hammer 8, July 1977, G. V. Stelzenmuller, Sr,: 2pp

The Belleair Bugle 25, July 1977, Edwin H. Randle, 16pp

The Boxwooder 96, July 1977, Jacob L. Warner, 16pp & cover

Cerebrations 28, July 1977, Carla Patsuris, 4pp.

The Flying Coffin 2, June 1977, Dick Fleming, 4pp

Hy-A-Line 4. May 1977, Rhoda Werner, 8pp

The Midnight Owl 7, January 1976, Jane G. Tuckerman, 4pp & cover

(Final Edition. dated 12 April 1977, per Jacob B. and Murray R. Tuckerman)

The Mini-Digest 1,. Summer 1977, Warren Rosenberger, l6pp

The Moving Finger 1, July 1977, Dick Fleming: 2pp

People Watcher 56, July 1977: Lauren R. Geringer, 4pp

The Prairie Dog, December 23, 1976, Harrison Leon Church, ipp

The Question Mark, Vol, 3. #2, anonymous (Lenore H. Hughes), 4pp

Silver & Gold 10, July1977, Gale Sheldon: 36pp & cover

Tonto Basin Review, Vol. I, #9, July 1977: Jack M. Hageman, 4pp

Writers' Round-Up, Vol. 4. #17, Helen Middleton Amos and Richard H. Meyer: 4pp


Privately Mailed

Alf's Cat Rides Again, hard cover book, with pasted title, Alfred P. Babcock, 258pp. plus forepages and colophon.


August 1977 Bundle 23 items

The All Amateur American 66. August 1977, Ernest P. Witte, 4pp

Aspect Inkling 2, June 1977, Phil Parr, 8pp

The Boxwooder 97, August 1977, Jacob L. Warner, 8pp & cover

Cerebrations 29, August 1977, Carla Patsuris, 4pp

The Challenge, Vol. I, No. 4, April 1977 (4pp.). and Vol. I. No. 5, May 1977 (1pp), Lawrence V. Switzer

The Empire 44, August 1977 George Trainer, 12pp

foolsgrouch 1, July 14, 1977, and flying foolsgrouch 1, July 20, 1977, (combined issue), Gale Sheldon, Jack Hageman, Dick Fleming; 4pp

Kansas City Scout 1,2,3, July 2,3,4, 1977,:convention paper by attendees 4pp each

The Kitchen Stove 49, July 1977, anonymous (Louise Lincoln), 4pp

The Lingual Groove, Vol. 1. No. 10. Summer 1977, Howard Henderson: 4pp

The Natural Printer 9. 1977, Lewis A. Hildreth, l6pp & cover

People Watcher 57, August 1977, Lauren R. Geringer, 4pp

The Prairie Dog, (no date, no number): Harrison Leon Church, 4pp

Slipsheet 3/77 (2 July 1977), 4/77 (3 July 1977), 5/77 (4 July 1977), 6/77 (6 July 1977), George Wm. Hamilton, 2pp each

Typomania 43. July 1977, Joseph Hillis, 16 pp & cover.

Visiting Firemen (Afield) 19, July 10-12, 1977, Elaine Peck, Martin and Willarrietta Keffer, 4pp


Privately Mailed

Rhatt Race 21, Summer 1977, Fred Liddle, 24pp & cover


September 1977 Bundle 24 items

The Alabama Yellow -Hammer 9, October 1977, G. V. Stelzenniuller, Sr. 2pp

The Battersean 68, September 1977, Howard G. Radcliffe, 8pp

The Belleair Bugle 26, September 1977, Edwin H. Randle, 12pp

The Boxwooder 98, September 1977, Jacob L. Warner, 12pp & cover

The Brink Press 6, August 1977, Frederick W. Brink, 8pp

Cerebrations 30, October 1977, Carla Patsuris, 4pp

"Craftsman recreates vanishing art" (not a journal; reproduction of article from

The Daily Iowa, July 1977,.about Lauren Geringer).

The Challenge, Vol. I. No. 6, June 1977, L. V. Switzer: ipp

The Flying Coffin 3. September 1977, Dick Fleming, 4pp

The Journal of a Garret Grouch 26, August 1977, Jack M. Hageman 8pp

In(s)pirations 25. August 1977, Lea Palmer, 4pp

The Kansas Freethinker 1, July 1977, Duane C. Scott, 4pp

National Calamity 25, September 1977, Fred Liddle, 4pp

The New Pioneer, August-September 1977, Betty Humfleet, Ralph Babcock, the Keffers, 1pp

Original Entry 43, September 1977; Keith M. Gray, 4pp

The Mini-Digest 12, Summer-Fall 1977: Warren Rosenberger, 16pp

People Watcher 58, September 1977, Lauren R. Geringer, 4pp

Pocket Journal 43. September 1977, Adelbert M. Jakeman, Jr., 2pp

The Poet's Journal, Summer 1977, Edward Tevis, 4pp

Reflections, Vol. 8, No. 2, September 1977, Webb W. Ayres, 4pp

Shambler 28, August 1977, Al Fick, 6pp

Shampane, 12. August 8-10, 1977. Harold Segal and Al Fick: 6pp

The Web 64, September 1977, J. Ed Newmann, 4pp

The Whispering Pines Free Press 13, Summer 1977; C.N. Harrison: 4pp

Writer's Avenue 1, September 1977: Keith M. Gray, 4pp


October 1977 Bundle 18 items

The All Amateur American 67, Autumn 1977: Ernest P. Witte. 4pp

Arrow Amateur 51, October 1977, Charles L. Bush, 4pp

Aspect Inquirer 1, July 1977, Phil Parr, 4pp

The Boxwooder 99, October 1977, Jacob L. Warner, 12pp & cover

Campane 81, October 1977, Harold Segal, 12pp

The Challenge, Vol. I . No. 7, July 1977, Lawrence V. Switzer, 1p

The Journal of a Garret Grouch 21, October 1977, Jack M. Hageman, 12pp

The Genuine (sic) Jersey Journal, Seq (sic: September?) 1977: Mark Soloman 6pp

Original Entry 44, October 1977, Keith M. Gray; 4pp

People Watcher 59, October 1977, Lauren R. Geringer, 4pp

Pocket Journal 44, October 1977, Adelbert M. Jakeman, Jr., 4pp

President's Avenue 1, October 1977, anonymous (Keith M. Gray), 4pp

The Scarlet Cockerel 61, Ralph Babcock, 24pp

Typomania 44, October 1977, Joseph Hillis, 20pp & cover

Weaker Moments 191, September 1977, Ralph Babcock, 4pp

The Web 66, October 1977, anonymous (J. Ed Nessrnan), 4pp

Writers' Avenue 2, October 1977, Keith M. Gray, 4pp.

Writers' Round-Up, Vol. 4, No. 18, Helen Middleton Amos and Richard Meyers, 8pp


November 1977 Bundle 26 items

Arrow Amateur 51, November 1977, Charles L. Bush, 2pp

The Battetsean 69, November 1977, Howard G. Radcliffe: 4pp

The Belleair Bugle 27, November 1977, Edwin H. Randle, 20pp

The Boxwooder 100, November 1977, Jacob L. Warner, 12pp & cover

Cerebrations 31,. November 1977, Carla Patsuris, 4pp

The Challenge, Vol. I . No. 8, August 1977, Lawrence V. Switzer, 8pp

The Countersign, November 1977, Jeff Jennings,:1pp

The Genuine (sic) Jersey Journal, Mark Solomon, 4pp

Information Note 8, October 1977, The Colvin Press, 2pp

In(k)spirations 26, October 1977, Lea Palmer, 4pp

Marti's Mouser 10, June 1977,: unsigned (Martha Babcock Abell), 2pp

The Mini-Digest 13, Fall 1977, Warren Rosenberger, 16pp

The Morceau 36. November 1977, Kenneth L. Monson, 16pp & cover

National Calamity 26, November 1977, Fred Liddle, 4pp

People Watcher 60, November 1977, Lauren R. Geringer: 4pp

Phlugg 44, November 1977, John S. Carroll; 4pp

President's Avenue 2, November 1977, Keith M. Gray; 2pp

The Pursuit of Happiness 25, October 1977, Marjorie and Charles Colvin, 6pp

Trail Blazer 2, December 1977: Marie Balweg, 4pp

Weaker Moments 192, September 30, 1977, 193, no date, 194, October 1977, 195. no date, 196, "Begun on Navy Day 1977"; Ralph Babcock, 4pp

The Web 65. November 1977, J. Ed Newman, 4pp

Writers' Avenue 3, Novernber 1977, Keith M. Gray, 4pp


December 1977 Bundle 27 items

The Alabama Yellow-Hammer, 10, December 1977, G.V. Selzenmuller, Sr., 2pp

The All Amateur American, 68, Winter 1977, Ernest P. Witte, 4pp

Alpha & Omega,2, December 1977, Keith M, Gray, 12pp & cover

Amateur Offerings, 14, December 1977, Martin & Willameta Keffer, 8pp

The Boxwooder, 101, December1977, Jacob L. Warner, 12pp & cover

Cerebrations, 32, December1977, Carla Patsuris, 4pp

The Challenger, Vol. 1, No. 9, September 1977 (8pp), Vol. 1, No.10, October 1977, 4pp, Lawrence V. Switzer

Constitution & Bylaws (of the National Amateur Press Association), November 1977, typesetting by Bill Boys, printing by June A. Margeson, 16pp

The Countersign, December 1977, Jeff Jennings, 1pp

The Dornick Hunter, December 1977, Gerald F. Brookhouser, 4pp

The Empire, 45, December1977, George W. Trainer, 16pp

The Ethnicicicist, 1, December 1977, James L. Kapplin, 12pp & cover

The Journal of a Garret Grouch, 28, November 1977, Jack M. Hageman, 4pp

The Genuine Jersey Journal, December 1977, Mark Soloman, 1pp

napa rays, Autumn 1977, Ray Allen Albert, 4pp

NAPA West 14, Autumn 1977, Dick Fleming, Matt Kelsey, Gale Sheldon and others, 16pp & cover

The Natural Printer, 10, Lewis heldreth, 8pp

The New Pioneer, October-November 1977, Betty Humfleet, 1pp

People Watcher, 61, December 1977, Lauren R. Geringer, 4pp

The Pursuit of Happiness, 26, November 1977, Marjorie and Charles Colvin, 6pp

Tribute to Poetry, 1, October 15, 1977, Julia Bates, 4pp

The Vest Pocket Encyclopedia, Vol 1, 1977, Jack M. Hageman 20pp & cover

The Web, 68, December 1977, J. Ed Newman, 20pp & cover

Weaker Moments, 197, November 1977, 198, December 1977, Ralph Babcock, both 4pp

Writers' Round-Up, Vol. 4, No. 19, Helen Middleton Amos and Richard H. Meyer, 4pp

Privately Mailed:

"Early Pomona's Youngest Editor: Edward E. Stoell" (twelfth president of NAPA), October 1977, Hyman Bradofsky, 16pp & cover