January 1967 Bundle      18 Items
APC News, No. 112, Dec. 31, 1966-Jan. 1, 1967; Harold and Hazel Segal and Amateur Printers Club members; 6pp.
A Priori, No. 13, Jan.; John C. Pryor; 2pp, 8½x11 (mimeo).
The Cricket, No. 9, Jan.; Glenn A. Cripe; 4pp, 4½x6.
De Vez, en Cuando, No. 2, Jan.; Ronald A. Ruble; 8pp, 4½x6.
Eagle Press, No. 1, n.d.; Ed VanSciver; 4pp, 4½x6½.
Experiment, No. 8. Dec.; Joseph F. Bradburn; 8pp.
Four Corners, No. 1, Dec.; W. A. Downes; 4pp, 3½x5½.
Fractional Spinoff, Second Spin, Jan.; John Gillick; 2pp. (1 blank), 8½x11 (mimeo).
The Goldenrod, No. 28, Dec.; O. W. Hinrichs; 4pp, 4¾x7.
Hollow Words, No. 4, )an.; William and Jeanne Murtland; 8pp. (2 blank).
The Leaflet, No. 34, Dec. 2; Warren Rosenberger; 4pp, 3x4½.
The Leaflet, No. 35, Jan. 6; W. Rosenberger; 4pp, 3x4½
The Little Print, Vol. 5, No. 3, Christmas; Willi­mae W. White; 4pp.
The P-K Scribbler, No. 18, Winter '66-67: Russell L. Paxton; 12pp, 6x9.
Pocket Journal, No. 5, Dec; Adelbert M. Jake­inan, Jr, 2pp, 2¼x3-7/8
Pocket Journal, No. 6, Jan; Adelbert M. Jakcinan, Jr; 2pp, 2¼x3-7/8
The Roadrunner, n.d.: Viola Payne; 2pp. ( 1 blank), 8½x11 (offset).
Siamese Standpipe, No. 49, Dec.; Helen V. and Sheldon C. Wesson; 12pp, 4½x6, and cover, 4-11/16x6-3/8
Note: All papers are printed and 5x7 ogles otherwise noted.
Thomas B. Whitbread, Historian

February 1967 Bundle      23 Items
A Priori, No. 14, Feb. 1967; John C. Pryor; 2 pp, 8½x11 (mimeo).
Bias, No. 6, Jan. 1967; Terence Austin, Thomas B. Whitbread, Clifford Woodward III, & Milton E. Blitch; 8pp.
Blue Grass Amateur, April 1967; Irwin O. Brandt; 4pp.
Experiment, No. 9, Feb. 1967; Joseph F. Bradburn; 8pp.
Feathers in the Wind, No. 11, Winter 1967; Doro­thy B. Winn; 4pp, 4¾x7.
Gradylogue, No. 31, Feb. 1967: Milton Grady; 4pp.
Hollow Words, No. 5, Feb. 1967; Jeanne & Bill Murtland; 8pp.
Jamaica Journal, No. 3, Jan. 1967; Bruce F. Towne; 4pp, 4¾x7.
The Leaflet, No. 36, Jan. 15, 1967; W. Rosen­berger; 4pp, 3x4½.
The Midland Printer, No. 13, Jan. 1967; Milton R. Grady; 4pp.
The Novelty Pressman, No. 7, Jan. 1967; Peter E. Schaub; 4pp, 4¼x5½
A Now 'n' Then Paper, No. 4, Feb. 1967; G. Wallace Tibbetts & Svea Alice Yeager; 4 pp.
A Now 'n' Then Paper, No. 5, Xlarch 1967; G. Wallace Tibbetts & Svea Alice Yeager; 4 pp.
Pocket Journal, No. 7, Feb. 1967; Adelbert N. Jakeman, Jr.; 2pp. ( 1 blank), .3-3/8x5-3/8.
The Popinjay Parrot, No. 1, n.d.; Louarme & Alan A. Wheeler; 8pp, 5½x8½
The Roadrunner, Feb. 14, 1967; Viola M. Payne; 2pp. (1 blank), 8½x11 (offset).
The Scratch. Pad, Last, Winter 1966-67; Ray E. Buckingham; 8pp.
Supplement to Siamese Standpipe, No. 49, Dec. 1966, Sheldon C. Wesson; 2pp (1 blank), 6x2½
The Thistle, No. 5, Dec. 1966; Floyd G. Summers; 12pp, 4½x6.
Thot-Jots, No. 34, March 1967; Paul Heir; 4pp, 5½x8½.
Typomania Press, No. 8, Jan. 1967; Joe Hillis; 4pp, 5½x8½
The Yodler, Mid-Whiter Extra 1967; Olive E. Read; 8pp.
No title, n.d. (poem by Janet Alm): presumably Dave Alm; 2pp. (1 blank), 3½x5.

March 1967 Bundle      19 Items
Alan's Alley, No. 5, Winter 1966-67; Alan E. Harshaw; 12pp.
A Priori, No. 15, March 1967; John C. Pryor; 16pp, 4¼x5½, (mimeo).
Campane, No. 53, March 1967; Hazel & Harold Segal; 12pp.
The China Shop, No. 6, April 1967; Dorothy Schneider; 4pp.
The Commentator, No. 9, March 1967; Milton R. Grady: 4pp.
Gradylogue, No. 32, March 1967; Milton R. Grady; 4pp.
HDSQ (Hemidemisemiquavers), No. 17, Spring 1967; John Gillick; 4pp.
Hollow Words, No. 6, March 1967; Jeanne & Bill Murtland; 4pp.
Literary Newsettte, No. 482, March 1967; Willa­nwtta Keffer; 8pp, 8½x11 (printed & mimeo).
Moments, No. 2, March 1967; Alice Todaro; 2pp (1 blank), 8½x11 ( mimeo) .
Pica Patterns, hitched to Charley's Chuckwagon, Second Hitch, Winter 1967; Emerson Duerr & John Sullivan; 4 pp, 5½x8½. (Includes flier, "ESCHEW OBFUSCATION.")
Pocket Journal, No. 8, March 1967; Adelbert M. Jakeman, Jr.; 2pp (1 blank), 3-3/8x5-3/8.
The Purrfict Press, No. 17, Feb. 7, 1966; Clarence Speyer; 4pp, 5½x8½.
Rays, First Quarter 1966; Ray A. Albert; 4pp.
Rays, First Quarter 1967; Ray Allen Albert; 4pp.
The Roadrunner, March 15, 1967; Viola M. Payne; 2pp (1 blank), 8½x11 (offset).
The Scarlet Cockerel, No. 40, Oct. 1965-Feb. 1967; Ralph Babcock; 24pp. (offset).
The Unicorn, Feb. 1967; Miriam Woodruff; 4pp.
UTAM, No. 7, March 1967; Virginia Baker and members of UAPC; 4pp, 5x6¾ (offset).

Private Mailing
Rainbow Rapsody, No. 1, March 1967, Dorothy Schneider; 8pp (4 blank), 3½x5½ (1p. litho, embossed, gilded, 3pp. typewritten).

Official Organ
The National Amateur (NAPA), Vol. 89, No. 3, March 1967; Kermit R. Schuman, Official Edi­tor; 16 pp. plus cover; 7x10.

April 1967 Bundle      21 Items
Ambuscade!, First Twang, April 1, 1967; com­bined with Hollow Words, No. 7, same date; Bill & Jeanne Murtland; 4pp.
A Priori, No. 16, April 1967 John C. Pryor; 16 pp, 4¼x5½ (mimeo).
The Cricket, No. 10, March 1967; Glenn A. Cripe; 4 pp, 42xR
Denvaria, No. 16, March 1967; Sylvia Coppin, Barbara White, Pauline Kerr, Elaine Peck & CAPC members; 8pp.
The Empire, No. 30, March 1967; George W. Trainer; 4pp.
The Hermit's Gazette, No. 30, March 1967; Frank M. Cushing; 4pp.
The Leaflet, No. 37, Feb. 26, 1967; W. Rosen­berger; 4pp, 3x4½
Lotus Leaves, No. 1, April 1967; Dorothy M. Schneider; 4 pp, 5½x8½ (mimeo).
The Midland Printer, No. 14, April 1967; Milton R. Grady; 4pp.
A Now 'n' Then Paper, No. 6, April 1967; G. Wallace Tibbetts & Svea Alice Yeager; 12pp.
The Olympian, No. 39, Spring 1952; Edward H. & Mildred B. Cole; 36 pp, 5x7, & cover, 5-3/8x7-5/8. (This Final Issue of one of our finest journals, dedicated to the memories of Timothy Burr and Amanda Frees Thrift, and set in the type of The Aonian, was printed as a true labor of true love by Sheldon C. Wesson.)
Parasol Patterns, No. 2, April 1967; Dorothy M. Schneider & Lea Palmer; 4pp.
Phlugg, No. 15, April 1967; John S. Carroll; 2 pp (1 blank), 5½x8½ (offset).
Phlugg, No. 16, May 1967; John S. Carroll; 2 pp, (1 blank), 6x9.
Pocket Journal, No. 9, April 1967; A. M. Jakeman, Jr.; 2 pp, 3-3/8x5-3/8.
Serette Gazette, No. 1, 3-19-67; A. Jakeman; 2pp (1 blank).
Serette Gazette, No. 2, n.d.; presumably A. Jakeman; 2pp (1 blank).
Serette Gazette, No. 3, n.d.; presumably A. Jake­inan; 2pp. (1 blank).
Thot-Jots, No. 35, May 1967; Paul Heir; 4pp, 5½x8½.
The Utahman from Virginia, No. 10, April 1967; Virginia Baker; 2 pp, 8½x11 (offset).
The Web, No. 13, March 1967; J. Ed. Newman; 16pp. (4 blank) & cover.

Private Mailing
The Spectator, No. 15, May 1967; Walter J. Held; 16pp, 5x7, & cover, 5¼x7¼.

Official Organ
The Fossil (The Fossils, Iric.), No. 186, March 1967; Matilda S. Haywood, Interim Editor; 4pp, 9x12.
NOTE: All papers are printed and 5x7 unless otherwise noted.

May 1967 Bundle      26 Items
A Priori, No. 17, Max, 1967; John C. Pryor; 24pp. 4¼x5½ (mimeo).
Bagatel1e, No. 1, Spring 1967; Job Watts; 4pp, 5½x8½
Campane, No. 54, May 1967; Hazel & Harold Segal; 12pp.
The Cemetery Rabbit, 46th Hop, April 1967; Vic & Rowena Moitoret; 4pp.
The Commentator, No. 10, April 1967; Milton R. Grady; 4pp.
De Vez en Cuando, No. 3, May 1967; Ronald A. Ruble; 4pp, 4½x6.
Faraivay Places, No. 2, Spring-Summer er 1967; Marvin E. Reed; 8pp.
Gradylogue, No. 33, May 1967; Milton R. Grady; 4pp.
Jakeman's Pocket Journal, No. 10, Nlav 1967; A. M. jakernan, Jr.; 4pp, 3-3/8x5-3/8.
The Jamaica Journal, No. 4, June 1967; Bruce F. Towne; 4pp.
The Leaflet, No. 38, April 25, 1967; W. Rosen­berger; 4pp. 3x4½
A Now 'n' Then Paper, No. 7, May 1967; G. Wallace Tibbetts & Svea Alice Yeager; 4pp,
Pica Patterns, No. 14, May 1967; John E. Sullivan; 4pp. (1 blank.)
The Roadrunner, May 12, 1967; Viola M. Payne; 2pp. (1 blank), (offset).
Serette Gazette, No. 5, April 16, 1967; Anon.; 2pp, (1 blank.)
Serette Gazette, No. 6, April 23, 1967; Anon.; 2pp, (1 blank.)
Shambler, May 1967; A. S. Fick; 4pp, 4½x6.
The Square Circle, No. 9, June 1967; O. Z. Bur­dick; 4pp, 4¼x5½.
The Star-Journalist, Vol. IV, No. 1, May-June 1967; Alan E. Harshaw; 4pp.
The Thistle, No. 6, April 1967; Floyd G. Summers; 4pp, 4½x6.
Typomania Press, No. 9, March 1967, Joe Hillis, 4pp, 5½x8½.
VAPA Trails, No. 1, March 1967, Members of Virginia Amateur Printers Assn., 4pp.
The Web, No. 14, May 1967, J. Ed. Newman, 4pp.
Willamette's Seedling, No. 27, April 1967; Willa­metta Keffer; 4pp.
Willamette's Seedling, No. 28, April 1967, Willa­metta Keffer; 4pp.
Your Nominations Committee Reports, n.d.; Dorothy B. Winn, Matilda S. Haywood, & L. Richard Yoder; 2pp. (1 blank), 6x9.

June 1967 Bundle      16 Items
Aftoniana, No. 4, May, 1967; Jim Walczak; 4pp.
A Priori, No. 18, June 1967; John C. Pryor; 16 pp, 4¼x5½ ( mimeo) .
The Artful Dodger, No. 5, June 1967, Arthur F. McClure; 2pp, 5½x8.
The Cemetery Rabbit, 47th Hop, June 4, 1967, Vic & Rowena Moitoret, 4pp.
The C.A.P.C. Crier, No. 5, April 14, 1967; Members of Columbia Amateur Press Club, 4pp.
The Cricket, No. 11, Jule 1967; Glenn A. Cripe; 4pp, 4½x6.
Gradylogue, No. 34, June 1967; Milton R. Grady; 4pp.
Hollow Words, No. 8, May 1967; Jeanne & W. Murtland, 4pp.
Is Alf's Cat DEAD?, May 1967; Anonymilt Grady; 4pp.
Jakeman's Pocket Journal, No. 11, June 1967; Adelbert M. Jakeman, Jr.; 10 pp. (5 blank), 3-3/8x5-3/8.
The Leaflet, No. 39, May 20, 1967; W. Rosen­berger; 4pp, 3x4½.
Nutshell, No. 4, May 1967; Dave Alm; 2pp.
Reflections & Refractions, No. 13, Summer 1967; Dr. Harold Davids, 8pp. ( 1 blank.)
The Thistle, No. 7, May, 1967; Floyd G. Summers, 8pp, 4½x6
Truffles & Tripe, No. 4, April 1967; Marge Clelland, 4pp, 5½x8½
The Web, No. 15, July 1967, J. Ed. Newman, 4pp.

Official Organ
The National Amateur (NAPA), Vol. 89, No. 4, June 1967; Kermit R. Schuman, Official Editor; 16 pp. plus cover, 7xl0.
NOTE: All papers are printed and 5x7 unless otherwise noted.

July 1967 Mailing     -21 Items
American Aid. Undated, unnumbered, no publish­er stated, 4pp 4½x6. Letterpress
A Passing Fame, Unnumbered. July 1967, Bruce F. Towne, publisher, 8pp, 5x7. Letterpress.
A Priori. No. 19, July 1967, John C. Pryor, 16pp, 4¼x5½. Mimeograph.
APC News, No. 113, July 1967, 4pp, 5x7, Harold Segal. Letterpress,
The Cemetery Rabbit. No. 48, June 1967, 4pp, 5x7. Vic and Ro Moitoret. Letterpress.
The Cemetery Rabbit. No. 49, June 25, 1967, 4pp 5x7. Victor and Rowena Moitoret, Letter­press.
De Vez En Cuando. No. 4, July 1967, 8pp and cover, Ronald A. Ruble. Letterpress,
Experiment. No. 10, June 1967, 4pp. 5x7, Joseph F. Bradburn. Letterpress.
Gradylogue. No. 35, July 1967, 4pp, 5x7, Milton R. Grady. Letterpress.
Jakeman's Pocket Journal, No. 12, August 1967, 4pp, 2 blank. 3½x5½, A. M. ]akcman, Jr.
Hemidemisemiquavers, No. 18, Summer 1967. 8pp and cover. 5x7, John Gillick. Letterpress.
Hollow Words. No. 9, dune 1967. William and Jeanne Murtland, 4pp, 5x7. Letterpress.
The Leaflet. No. 40, August 1967. 8pp, 3x4½, Warren S. Rosenberger.
Mustang Press, No. 7, Dec.-Jan. 1967, 8½x11, One sheet. Karl Edd, Mimeograpli.
Nutshell, No. 5, July 1967, 6pp, David Alm. Letterpress.
The Popinjay Parrot, Vol. 1, No. 2, Quarterly, 8pp, 5½x8½, .Louanne, Alan, Elisabeth Anne and Victoria Wheeler.
The Serette Gazette, Nos. 6½-7-8-9 (inc.), 4-30-—5-7—5-14-1967, 4pp and cover, 8½x11. No publisher listed. Mimeo.
The Thistle, No. 8, July 1967, 4pp, 4½x6, Floyd G. Summers. Letterpress.
Typomania Press, No. 10, June, 8pp, 4¼x5½, Joe Hillis. Duplicator.
The Unicorn, Unumbered. June 1967, 4pp, 5½x8¼, Miriam Woodruff. Letterpress.
The Web. No. 16, August, 1967, 4pp, 5x7. J. Ed.Newman. Letterpress.

August 1967 Mailing      15 Items
The American Evangelist, Vol. IV, No. 1, Summer 1967, 8pp, 5½x8½. Russell L. Paxton. Letter­press.
A Priori. No. 20, August 1967, 16pp, 4¼x5½, John C. Pryor. Mimeograph.
Campane. No. 55, August 1967, 12pp, 5x7, Harold Segal. Letterpress.
Colorado Roundup, No. 11, Summer 1967, 20pp and cover, 5X7, Columbine Amateur Press Club. Letterpress.
Consider, Vol. 2, No. 4, August 1967, 8pp, 5x7, Harold Smolin. Letterpress.
Gradylogue, No. 36, August 1967, 4pp, 5x7, Milton R. Grady. Letterpress.
Hemidemisemistandpipe, Unumbered, July 1967, One sheet, 6x6. john Gillick, Helen and Shel­don C. Wesson. Letterpress.
Interim Edition, No. 32, July 1967, One sheet, 4½x6, J. Rolfe Castleman. Letterpress.
A Now 'N' Then Paper, Vol. 1, No. 8, August 19­67, 4pp, 5x7, G. Wallace Tibbets and Svea Alice Yeager. Letterpress.
The Recruiter. Vol. 1, No. 1. One sheet, 3-1/8x5½; 4pp, 5x7 and cover, Milton R. Grady. Letterpress.
Shambler, Unnumbered, August 1967, 4pp, 4½x6. Al Fick. Letterpress.
The Ship, Maiden voyage, August 1967, One sheet, 4½x6. David Alm. Letterpress.
The Star-Journalist, Vol. IV, No. 2, July 1967, 8pp, 5x7, Alan E. Harshaw. Letterpress.
Typoniania Press, No. 11, August 1967, 4pp, 4¼x8½, Joe Hillis. Duplicator.
Phlugg, No. 17, August 1967, One sheet, one side, 8½x11, John S. Carroll. Varityper.

September 1967 Mailing      18 Items
A Priori, No. 21, Sept. 1967, 16pp, 4¼x5½, John C. Pryor. Mimeograph.
Beaz Whacks, No. 1, August 1967, One sheet, both sides, 8½x11, Doris C. Beazer. Duplicator.
Boy's Berries. No. 3, Dry Season, 1966-67. 4pp, 5x7, William Earl and Ruth A. Boys. Letter­press.
Cerebrations, No. 7, Sept. 1967, 4pp, 5x7, Carla Patsuris, Letterpress.
Gradylogue, No. 16, Sept. 1967, 4pp, 5x7, Milt­on B. Grady. Letterpress.
Hollow Standpipe. No. 1, August 1967, One sheet, both sides, 4¾x6¼, SCW, WOM, and JNM, (Sheldon C. Wesson, William O. Murtland, Jeanne N. Murtland). Letterpress.
Interim Edition, No. 83, August 1967, One sheet, both sides; 4½x6, J. Rolfe Castleman. Letter­press.
The Jamaica Journal, No. 5, Sept. 1967, 4pp, 5x7, Bruce F. Towne. Letterpress.
Patty's Prattles, Vol. 1, No. 1. Sept. 1967, One sheet, both sides, 81/2x11, Patty T. Miller. Du­plicator.
The Roadrunner, Unnumbered, Sept. 1967, One sheet, one side, 8½x11, Viola M. Payne. Mime­ograph.
The Salt Laker, Unnumbered, June 1967, 4pp, 5x7, 1967, NAPA Salt Lake Convention. Letter­press.
The Ship, Unnumbered, August 12, 1967, One sheet, both sides, 4½x6. David Alm. Letterpress
The Ship. Unnumbered, August 20. 1967, 4pp, 4½x6. David Alm. Letterpress.
The Utahman from Virginia, No. 11, August 1967. Two sheets, four sides, 8½x11, Virginia Baker. Duplicator.
Utah Trail, No. 6. Sept. 1967. One sheet, two sides. 8½x11. Utah Amateur Press Club. Du­plicator.
The Visitor's Gallery, Vol. 1, No. 1, July 1967, One sheet, 4½x6, Floyd G. Summers. Letter­press.
Weaker Moments, No. 180, Undated, 4pp, 5x7. Ralph Babcock. Letterpress.
The Web, No. 17, Sept. 1967, 4pp, 5x7, J. Ed. Newman. Letterpress.

October 1967 Mailing      21 Items
A Priori, No. 22, Oct. 1967, 24pp, 4¼x5½, John C. Pryor. Mimeograph.
Bagatelle, No. 2, Summer 1967, 4pp, 5½x8½, Job Watts. Letterpress.
Bias, No. 7, July 1967, 8pp, 5x7, Terence Austin and Thomas B. Whitbread. Letterpress.
The Concoction, No. 1, Oct. 1967, 4pp, 5x7, Nancy Segal. Letterpress.
The Cricket, No. 12, Oct. 1967, 4pp, 4½x6, Glenn A. Cripe. Letterpress.
Feathers in the Wind, No. 12, Summer 1967, 4pp, .5x7, Dorothy B. Winn. Letterpress.
The Free Lancer Journal, No. 1, Vol. 1, Sept. 1967, 8pp, and cover 5½x7½, Wesley R. Scheid. Letterpress.
From the Press of the Happy Heretic, Vol. 1, No. 2,. Autumn 1967, 4pp, 5½x8½, Carr Liggett. Duplicator.
Gradylogue, No. 38, Oct. 1967, 4pp, 5x7, Milton R. Grady. Letterpress.
Jakenian's Pocket Journal, No. 13, Nov. 1967, 4pp, two sides, 3½x5½, Ade1bert M. Jakeman, Jr. Letterpress.
The Jamaica Journal, No. 6, Oct. 1967, 4pp, 5x7, Bruce F. Towne. Letterpress.
Just Our Type, No. 14, Sept. 1967, 8pp, 5x7, The Haywoods. Letterpress.
NAPA Manuscript Bureau, No. 6, Oct. 1967, One sheet, one side, 8½x11, Lea Palmer, John C. Prior. Mimeograph.
Pine Tree, No. 1, August 1967, 4pp, 4¼x5½, Robin A. Witter. Letterpress.
Poorer Richard, No. 7, Oct. 1967, 12pp, 4½x6, Richard Yoder. Letterpress.
Quando in Roma, No. 1, August 1967, 8pp, 4¼ x5½, Betty, Humfleet. Letterpress.
Thot-Jot, No. 36, Nov. 1967, 4pp, 5½x8½, Paul E. Heir. Letterpress.
Weaker Moments, No. 179, undated, 4pp, 5x7,. Ralph W. Babcock. Letterpress.
Weaker Moments, No. 181, Sept. 1967, 4pp, 5x 7, Ralph W. Babcock. Letterpress,
The Web, No. 18, Oct. 1967, 8pp, 5x7, J. Ed. Newman. Letterpress.

Privately Mailed
Chimera, No. 5, Fall 1967, 24pp and cover, 4½x7, Marvin H. Neel. Letterpress.
The National Amateur, (NAPA) Vol. 90, No. 1, September 1967. 24 pp and cover, 7x10, Joseph F. Bradburn, Official Editor. Letterpress.
The Scarlet Cockerel, No. 41, August 1967, 24pp and cover, 5x7, Ralph Babcock. Multilith.
Silver Apples, No. 1, Summer-Fall 1967, 12pp and cover, Bill and Jeanne Mortland. Letter­press.
—MILTON R. GRADY, Historian

November 1967 Mailing      13 Items
Alan's Alley, Fall, 1967, No. 6, Alan Harshaw, 12pp. 5x7, Letterpress.
Campane, Nov. 1967, No. 56, Hazel and Harold Segal, 12pp. Letterpress.
The Free-Lance Editor, No. 1 (New Series), Joseph \V. Curran. 3W2. Letterpress.
Hemidemisemiquavers, No. 19, Autumn. John Gillick, 4pp. Letterpress.
Hollow Words, No. 10, November, Bill Murtland, 4pp. Letterpress.
Interim Edition, No. 34, September, J. Rolfe Castleman, One sheet, 4½x6. Letterpress.
The Leaflet, No, 41, October, Warren Rosen­berger, 8pp, 3x4½. Letterpress.
The Little Print, November, Vol. VI, No. 1, Willi­mae W. White, editor & publisher. Letterpress.
The Scarlet Cockerel, No. 41, August, Ralph W. Babcock, 24pp. and cover. Multilith.
Seattle Amateur, Vol. 63, No. 1, Jan. 1968, Clyde F. Noel, editor & publisher, 4pp, 5x7. Letter­press.
The Ship, Sept. 2, 4½x6,unnumbered, Dave Alm (?), One sheet, 4½x6. Letterpress.
The Thistle, November, No. 9, Floyd G. Summers, 8pp, 4½x6. Letterpress.
The Web, November, No. 19, J. Ed. Newman., 4pp, 5x7. Letterpress.

December 1967 Mailing     -22 Items
A Priori, 24th Outlet, December, John C. Pryor, 16pp, 4¼x5½. Mimeograph.
The Square Circle, No. 10, January, O. Z. Bur­dick, 4pp, 5x7. Letterpress.
Confusion, Vol. 1, No. 1, October. Frank C.Hansche III,. 4pp, 3½x4¼. Letterpress.
Holloic Words, No. 11, December, Bill Murtland, 4pp, 5x7. Letterpress.
Hyacinths, Vol. III, No. 2, December, 4pp, 5x7, Sally O'Rear, editor & publisher. Letterpress.
Literary Newsette, No. 497, November, Willametta Keffer, 4 pp., 8½x11. Mimeograph.
The Little Print, Vol. VI, No. 2, Christmas, Willimae W. Whiite, editor & publisher. Letterpress.
The Maple Leaf, Autumn, unnumbered, Vince Leah, 4pp, 7x8½. Duplicator.
The Midland Printer, No. 15, November, Milton R. Grady, 4pp, 5x7. Letterpress.
Peace, No. 4, December, Berneice A. McCombs, editor & publisher, 4pp, 5x7. Letterpress.
Phlugg, Whole No. 18, December, John S. Carroll, One sheet, 8½x11, Offset.
Quicksands, No. 1, November, Quick Carlson, 4pp, 5x7. Letterpress.
Typornania Press, No. 12. Prose, "The Quiet Signs of Autumn." 4 pp., 4¼x8½. Letterpress.
The Roadrunner, December, unnumbered, Viola M. Payne, One sheet, 8r/2x11. Mimeograph
The Ship, October 26, David Alm (?), 4pp, 4¼x6. Letterpress.
Spare Moments, No. 5, December, David M. Norton, 6pp, 5x7. Letterpress.
Surplus Type, No. 1, December 1967, J. Ed. Newman, 2pp, 5x7. Letterpress.
Visiting Fireman, Blaze 19, September, Martin & Willametta Keffer, 4pp., 4x5½. Letterpress.
Visiting, Firemen, Blaze 20, September. Martin & Willametta Keffer, 4pp, 4x5½. Letterpress.
Weaker Moments, No. 182, undated. Ralph W. Babcock, 4pp, 5x7. Muhilitb.
The Web, No. 20, December, J. Ed. Newman, 12pp and cover. Letterpress.
The Web, No. 21, January, 1968, J. Ed. Newman, 4pp, 5x7. Letterpress.

Privately Mailed
The Scarlet Cockerel, No. 42, November, Ralph W. Babcock, 24pp and cover.

Previously unrecorded
The Goddess of the Glen, booklet, 1967, J. Ed. Newman, 12pp and covers.

Previously unrecorded—Privately mailed
The Yodler, Vol. 13, No. 4, Olive E. Read, 11 pages, 8½x11. Mimeograph.
The Yodler, Vol. 14, No. 1, Olive E. Read, 11 pages, 8½x11. Mimeograph.