JANUARY 1963 BUNDLE — 16 papers

APC NEWS #93, Dec 31, 1962, Jan 1, 1963, 4p, 5x7, Amateur Printers Club

THE BEEHIVE, #1, Winter 1963, 4p, 5x7, Sonya and Harold Davids

CARAVELLA, #11, Jan 1963, 4p, 4x6, Stan Piaskowski

CAMPANE, #40, Feb 1963, 12 p, 5x7, Hazel and Harold Segal

A CORNERSTONE PUBLICATION, Jan 1963, 1p, 4½x6½, G. Wallace Tibbetts

DINGBAT GOSSIP, #27, 4p, 5½x7½, Charles Broad

THE GRAVEYARD GAZETTE, #1, Jan 1963, 2p, 5x7, Ray E. Buckingham

IN-BETWEEN, #15, Winter 62-63, 4p, 5x7, Alexia Oster­ciaord

INTERIM EDITION, #20, Jan 1963, 8p, 4½x6, J. Rolfe Castleman

JUST OUR TYPE, #9, Jan 1963, 4p, 5x7, Matilda S. and William F. Haywood

THE KITCHEN STOVE, #29, Jan 1963, 4p, 5x7, Louise Lincoln and "A. Walrus"

LITERARY NEWSETTE, #431, Jan 1963, 4p, 8½x11, Willametta Keffer

THE PURRFEKT PRESS, #7, Oct 1962, 2p, 5½x8½, Clarence Speyer

RAYS, Jan 63, 4p, 5x7, Ray A. Albert

STUFF FROM THE STUFFERS, #2, Jan 1963, 4p, 5x7, Rowena A. Moitoret and Carolyn Moitoret

THE VIRGINIAN, #3, Winter 62-63, 12p and cover, 5½ x 9. Martin and Willametta Keffer



BUDDY—THE MAGAZINE PAL, #13, Nov 1962, 4p, 5x7, John R. Brenn

THE GOLDENROD, #23, Christmas 1962, 12p and cover, 3½x7, 0. W. Hinrichs

HAMLET, PRINCE OF DENMARK, 8p and cover, 4½ x 6. Robert Holman

INTERESTING ITEMS, #800, #801, #802, #803, Sep-Dec 1953, 6p, ea. 4½x7, A. Harris

MERLIN'S MAGIC, IV-3, Nov 1962, 4p, 8½x11, Mimeo, Merlin F. Teed

THE NATIONAL AMATEUR, Vol. 85 #2, December 1962, 20p and cover, 7x10, Milton R. Grady, editor

THE REACTIVATED NIXIE, 42p and cover, 4½x6. Robert Holman

SAN FRANCISCO EVENING LAMP, #20, Winter Issue 62-­63, 16p, and cover, Marvin Sanford

SPARE MOMENTS, #2, Nov 1962, 4p, 5x7, David M. Norton

WEAKER MOMENTS, #156, #160, #161, #163, Oct-Nov 1962, 4p each, 5x7, Ralph W. Babcock

THE YODLER, Vol. IX-1, Autumn 1962, 7p, Mimeo, Olive E. Read (Omitted by error from Sept. 1962 NA)

THE YODLER, Vol. IX-2, Winter 1962, 8p, Mimeo, 8½x11, Olive E. Reed


FEBRUARY 1963 BUNDLE -13 papers

CANDLEBEAMS #18, Feb 1963, 4p, 5½x7, Dean Bollman.

THE COUNTRY PARSON, 4p, 6x9, Church Press, Rev. E. A. Cook

DINGBAT GOSSIP, Scoop 28, 4 p., 51 x7l,z. Charles Broad

THE GRAVEYARD GAZETTE, 2nd Excavation, Feb., 1963. Ray E. Buckingham.

LITERARY NEWSETTE, #432. Feb. 1963. 4 p,, 81/2x11, Mimeograph and letterpress. Willamette Keffer.
THE POLYSTITCH, #38, Feb., 1963. 41+x51/2. Bill Savory.
THE PURRFIKT PRESS, Creation #8, 2p, 5½x8½, Clarence Speyer

RAYS, Feb 1963, 4p, 5x7, Ray A. Albert

SEARCH & QUESTION, #25, Spring 1963, 12p, 5½ x 8½, Paul E. Heir

TYPE STYLES FROM THE IMP PRESS, 16p, 4½x7½, Imp Press, Bil Wright.

VELVET SHOES, IV-4, Winter 1963, 4p, 5x7, Sally O'Rear

WEAKER MOMENTS, #164, 4p, 5x7, Ralph W. Babcock

THE YODLER, Midwinter Extra, 1963, 8p, 5x7, Olive E. Read


MARCH 1963 BUNDLE - 14 papers

CAMPANE, #41, April 1963, 12p, 5x7, Hazel and Harold Segal

THE CEMETERY RABBIT, #41, Mar 1963, 4p, 5x7, Vic and Rowena Moitoret

CHARLEY'S CHUCKWAGON, #1, Mar 1963, 5x7, Chuckwagon Charlie

THE DISTAFF, V-1, Spring 1963, 6p, 8½x11, (mimeo), Emma H. Macauley

GRAVEYARD GAZETTE, #3, March 1963, 2p, 5x7, Ray E. Buckingham

INTERIM EDITION, #21, Mar 1963, 4p, 41/2 x 6, J. Rolfe Castleman

JUST OUR TYPE, 10, Feb 1963, 4p, 5x7, Private Press of the Haywoods

LITERARY NEWSETTE, #433, March 1963, 2p, 8½ x 11, (Mimeo and letterpress.) Wma. Keffer

THE MERRY PRINTER, Winter 1963, 4p, Ernie Rapa

MINEKITTY, 11-1, Spring 1963, 4p, 5x7, Sally O'Rear

THE PURRFIKT PRESS, #9, 12-30-62, 2p, 8½ x 5½, Clarence Speyer

RAYS, March 1963, 4p, 5x7, Ray A. Albert

RUSTLINGS, #5, April 1963, 4p, 5x7, Charles H. Russell

WEAKER MOMENTS, #165, March 18, 1963, 4p, 5x7, Ralph Babcock


APRIL 1963 BUNDLE - 16 papers

THE ALL-AMATEUR AMERICAN, #37, Spg. 1963, 4p, 8½ x 5½, E. P. and Cheryl Witte

B & B JOURNAL, #1, Spring 1963, 8p and cover, Irwin O. Brandt and Ray E. Buckingham

CHARLEY'S CHUCKWAGON, #2, April 1963, 8p, 5x7, Chuckwagon Charley

DRIPPINGS, 1-5, Spring 1963, 4p, 8½ x 5½, Dr. Margaret M. Jones

THE EMPIRE, #21, 20p, 5x7, Lucia, Catherine. William, Richard and George W. Trainer

GRAVEYARD GAZETTE, #4, April 1963, 2p, 5x7, Ray E. Buckingham

INTERIM EDITION, #22, April 1963, 4p, 4½ x 6, J. Rolfe Castleman

LITERARY NEWSETTE, #434, April 1963, 2p, 8½ x 11, (Mimeo and letterpress) Wma. Keffer

MERLIN'S MAGIC, IV-7, March 1963, 4p, 8½ x 11. (Mimeo) Merlin F. Teed

RAYS, April 1963, 4p, 5x7, Ray A. Albert

SHAMBLER, #13, April 1963, 4p, 4½ x 6, Al Fick

STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART, 1-1, Spring 1963, 4p, 5x7, Marvin Reed

STUFF FROM THE STUFFERS, #3, April 1963, 4p, 5x7, Rowena and Carolyn Moitoret

TARANTULA, #2, 1963, 4p, 5x7, Parlor Press

WEAKER MOMENTS, #167, Apr 5, 1963, 4p, 5x7, Ralph W. Babcock

WILLAMETTA'S SEEDLING, #17, May 1963, 4p, 5x7, Willametta Keffer


FAR AFIELD, #17, Spring 1963, 32pp and cover, 5x7, Frederick Folger Thomas, Jr

IT'S A SMALL WORLD, #9, 1963 Edition, 42pp and cover, William F. Haywood and contribs

THE NATIONAL AMATEUR, 85 #3, March 1963, 28pp and cover, 7x10, Milton Grady. ed

THE YODLER, IX-3, Spring 1963, 12p, 8½ x 11, (Mimeo) Olive E. Read


MAY 1963 BUNDLE - 18 papers

THE BRAGGART, Spring 1963, 4p, 4½ 6 ,Sally O'Rear

THE CORNERSTONE, May 1963, 8p and cover, 5x7, G. Wallace Tibbetts

CANDLEBEAMS, 19th Candle, May 1963, 4p, 5½ x 7, Dean S. Bollman

THE COUNTRY PARSON, Vol 1 #7. May 1963, 4p, 6x9, Reverend Earl A. Cook

DINGBAT GOSSIP, Scoop 29, undated,. 4p, 5½ x 7½, Chas. Broad

THE DISSONANT SHOEHORN! May 1963, 8p and printed covers, Bill Wright

THE FRIENDLY ROAD, #9, Spring 1963, 12p, 5x7, Francis Earl Bonnell

INTERIM EDITION, May 1963, #23,. 2p,. 4½ x 6, J. Rolfe Castleman

THE GRAVEYARD GAZETTE, Fifth Ex­cavation, May 1963, 2p, 5x7, Ray E. Buckingham

THE KITCHEN STOVE, 30th Heating, June 1963, 4p, 5x7, Louise Lincoln

QUEST, Vol. VII, #2, Spring 1963, 8p and cover, Clyde L. Stanley

RAYS, May 1963, 4p, 5x7, Ray Albert

RUSTLINGS, #7, June 1963, 4p, 5 x 7½, Charles H. Russell

SALVO! #12, May 1963, 4p, 5x7, Vic Moitoret

TOWNE TALK, #50, May 1963, 4p, 4¼ x 5½, Bruce Towne

THE VIRGINIAN, #4, Spring 1963, 16p and cover, 5½ x 8½, Martin and Willametta Keffer

YCHYDIG 0 BOPETH, #2, May 1963, 4p, 5x7, Carolyn and Cathryn Moitoret,

THE PATRIOT, #23, May 1963, 4p, 5x7, Orella D. Halstead


JUNE 1963 BUNDLE - 16 Pages

APC News, #94, May 25-26, 1965, 4p, 4½x6,. APC Club, Glen Ridge, NJ

Buddy, #14, June, 1963. 4p, 5x7, John R. Brann, Fort Scott, Kansas.

The Dissonant Shoehorn, #2, 1963, 11p, 4x5½, Bill Wright, Long Beach, Cal.

Evergreen Platen, #2, June 1965, 2p, 5x8, Henry C. Epps, Seattle 3, Wash.

The Gravyard Gazette, Sixth Excavation, June 1963, 2p, 5x7, Ray E. Buckingham, Delaware, Ohio.

Interior Edition, #24, June 1963, 8p, 4½x6, J. Rolfe Castleman, Ijamsville, Maryland

The Jolly Jacks, #1, June 1963, 1p, 4½x6. Mary J. S. Castleman, Blacksburg, Virginia.

Literary Newsette, #435, June 1963, 4p, 8½x11, Letterpress and Mimeo, Wil­lametta Keffer, Roanoke, Virginia.

Merlin's Magic, Vol. IV, #9, May 1963,. 4p, 8½x11, Merlin F. Teed, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Rays, June 1963, 4p, 5x7, Ray Albert, Blacksburg, Va.

The Sans Souci Quill, Vol. 7, #2, July 1963, 8p and cover, 4½x6. Anton Bohm, Denver, Colo.

Seattle Amateur, Vol. 60, #2, July 1963, 2p, 5x7, C. F. Noel, Seattle, Wash.

Spare Moments, #4, June 1963, 4p, 5x7, David M. Norton, Syracuse, N. Y.

Straight From the Heart, #2, Summer 1963, 4p, 5x7, Marvin E. Reed, Bain­bridge, Ga.

Tarantula Three, 1963, 4p, 5x7, The Parlour Press, Manchester, England,

Velvet Shoes, Vol. V, #1, Spring 1963, 4p, 5x7, Sally O'Rear, Snyder, Texas.


JULY 1963 BUNDLE - 14 Papers

Charley's Chuckwagon, #3, July 1963, 4p, 5x7, Emerson Duerr, Elmhurst, Ill.

Dingbat Gossip, Scoop 30, undated, 4p, 5½x7½, Charles Broad, Phoenix, Ariz.

Experiment, #3, July 1963, 8p, 4¼x5½, Joseph F. Bradburn, La Plata, Maryland.

The Graveyard Gazette, Seventh Excava­tion, July 1963, 2p, 5x7, Ray E. Bucking­ham, Delaware, Ohio.

Harler's Ferry, Vol. 2, #1, Undated, 4p, 5x7, The Harler Family, Levittown, Penna.

The Hay Field, Summer 1963, 8p, 5x7, George W. Macauley, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Jamboree, #4, July 1963, 4½x6, Wil­liam Greville and Sheldon P. Wesson, Glen Ridge, N. J.

Krums from Kerm, #1, July 1963, 2p, 8½x11, Mimeo, Mailing Manager, Kermit R. Schuman, P.O.. Box 154, Ann Arbor, Mich. 48107.

The Little Print, Vol. 11, #1, Summer 1963, 4p, 5x7, Willimae W. White, Tulsa, Okla.

NAPA Squared, #1, Aug.-Sep 1962, 2p, 8½x11, Mimeo, Michael J. McInerney, Meriden, Conn.

Rays, July 1963, 4p, 5x7, Ray A. Al­bert, Blacksburg, Va.

Stuff From the Stuffers, #4, July 1963, 4p, 5x7, NAPA Mailers, Carolyn, Cathryn and Rowena Moitoret. Printed by Vic Moito­ret.

Thot-Jots, #9, August 1963, 4p, 5½x8½, Paul E. Heir, Mill Spring, N, C.

Ten Point Five Star Final from the 88th, #1, July 5, 1963, 6p, 5x7, Printed at the Convention Hotel Statler-Hilton, Cleve­land, Ohio and by Harold Segal, Bristol, Penna.



May, June, July-19 Papers

Blue Grass Amateur, no number, Sep1963, 4p, 5x7. Irvin C. Brandt.

Constitutionalist, May 1963, 2p, 8½x11, (Mimeo) Helm Spink.

Cleveland Convention Come-On, May 1963, 4p, 5½x8½, (Mimeo) Bernice Spink.

The Empire, #22, May, 1963, 4p, 5x7, George W. Trainer, Richmond Hill, N. Y.

Final Bit from the Pen of Irwin, 4p, 4½x6, Jack L. Large.

Interesting Items, #804, #805, #806, #807, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, 1954, 4½ x7½, Arthur Harris.

Pathways, Special Issue, May 1963, 4p, 5x7, Earl Bonnell.

Spare Moments, 3, May, 1963, 4 p., 5x7. David M. Norton.

The San Francisco Evening Lamp, #21, NAPA Edition, Fall. 20p and cover, Mar­vin Sanford, San Francisco, Cal.

Weaker Moments, #166, #171, May, June, 1963, 4p, 5x7, Ralph Babcock.

[Continued] -Warren Rosenberger & Olive Read

Reports combined by Ed.)


August 1963 Bundle - 14 papers

A Little Jazz, Aug. '63, 4p, 3x4½, Bill Wright.

Campane, #42, Aug. '63, 12p, 5x7, Hazel and Harold Segal.

Graveyard Gazette, #8, Aug. '63, 2p, 5x7, Ray E. Buckingham.

Hemidemisemiquaver, #1, Aig. '63, 1p, 8½x14, John Gillick.

Interim Edition, #25, Aug. '63, 4p, 4½x6, J. Rolfe Castleman.

Krums from Kerm, #2, Aug. '63, 2p, 5½x8½, Kermit R. Schuman.

Presidential Postscrips, #1, Aug. '63, 4p, 5x7, Presi­dent Milton B. Grady.

Rays, Aug. '63, 4p, 5x7, Ray A. Albert.

Seattle Amateur, Vol. 60, #3. Sep '63, 2p, 5x7, Clyde F. Noel.

The Little Print, Vol. 2, #2, Aug. '63, 4p, Willimae W. White.

Thot-Jots, #10, Sep. '63, 4p, 5½x8½, Paul Heir,

Treasured Verses, #12, '63 Edition, 24p, 4x9, Paul A. Warp.

Visiting; Firemen, #12, Aug. '63, 4p, 4½x5½, Martin and Willametta Keffer.

Work Resume, Aug. '63, 12p, 4x5. Bill Wright.


Privately Mailed (Continued from last issue)

Weaker Printer, #170, Easter 1963, 4p, 5x7, Ralph Babcock.

Weaker Moments, #168, June, 1963. 4p,. 5x7, Ralph Babcock, Pottersville, NJ

Weaker Moments, #169, June 2, 1963, 4p, 5x7, Ralph Babcock.

Weaker Moments, #170, June 1963 4p, 5x7, Ralph W. Babcock.

Three Days of Living, unnumbered, undated, 3p, 8½x11, Edward d H. Cole, Newtonville, Mass.

Tramp Printer, #3, Nov 10, 1962, 2p, 5x7, Stan Oliner, Freeport, NY.

The Yodler, Vol. IX,.#4, Summer 1963, 8p, 8½x11, ( Mimeo) Olive E. Read, Lemon Grove, Calif.

The National Amateur, Vol. 85, #4, June, 1963, 32p and cover, Milton R. Grady, editor.

The Garden State Messenger, Vol. 26, #1, Spring and Summer, 1963, 4p, 5x7, Clara Ulrich Samuels.


September 1963 Bundle - 13 Papers

A Worm's Eye View of the Weeklies, Septem­ber 1963, 12p, 5x7, Kelly Janes

Dingbat Gossip, August 1963, 4p, 5¼x7½, Charles Broad

The Graveyard Gazette, August 1963, 2p, 5x7, Ray E. Buckingham

Hemi Demi Semi Quavers, Vol. I, #2, Sep­tember 1963, 1p, John Gillick.

Krums from Kerm, September 1963, 5½x8½, 2p, Kermit R. Schuman.

Literary Newsette, #436, September 1963, 8½ x 11, 5p, Willametta Keffer

Thc Manuscript Manager, September 1963, 5x6. 1p, Lea Palmer

Potpouri #5, The Book of Grace 1946-1963, 12p, Guy Miller

Presidential Postscripts, September 1963, 5x7, 4p, Milton Grady.

Rays, September 1963, 5x7, 4p, Ray Albert

The Stripling, Autumn 1963, 5½x8½, 24p Jack Coolidge

Thot-Jots, #11, October 1963, 5½x8½, 4p, Paul E. Heir

Privately Mailed

The Yodler, Vol. IV. #4, Summer 1963, 8½ x 11, 8p, Mimeo, Olive E. Read


October 1963 Bundle - 15 Papers

Dingbat Gossip, October 1963, 4p, 5x7½, Charles Broad

Feathers in the Wind, #6, Fall 1963, 4p, 5x7 Dorothy B. Winn

The Graveyard Gazette, October 1963, 2p, Ray E. Buckingham

Kitten, October 1963, 4p, 5x7, Alfred Babcock

Historic Seward, October 1963, 4p, 5x7, Sally O'Rear

Krums from Kerm, October 1963, 2p, 5½x7½, Kermit R. Schuman

Leaves, #66, October, 1963, 8p, Warren S. Rosenberger

Thot-Jots, October 1963, 4p, 5½x8½, Paul E. Heir

The Patriot, #24, October 193 4p, 5x7, Orella D. Halstead

Rays, October 1963, 4p, 5x7, Ray A. Albert

Straight From the Heart, Vol. 1, #3, Fall, 8p, 5x7, Marvin E. Reed

Shampane, October 1963, 4p, 5x7, Segal & Fick

Velvet Shoes, Vol. 5, #2, Fall, 8p, 5x8, Sally O'Rear


Privately Mailed

San Francisco Evening Lamp, #22, Autumn, 15p and cover, Marvin E. Sanford

The Yodler, Vol. X, #1, Autumn 1963, 8½x11, 8p, Mimeo, Olive E. Read


November 1963 Bundle - 23 Papers

Campane, #43, November 1963, 12p, 5x7, Hazel & Harold Segal

Empire, The, November 1963, 8p, 5x7, George W. Trainer

Graveyard Gazette, The, November 1963, 11th Excavation, 2p, 5x7, Ray E. Buck­ingham

Kiss Impressions, November 1963, 4p, 4½x6, Gustave Kiss

Krums from Kerm, #5, November 1963, 2p, ­5½x8½, Kermit R. Schuman

Little Print, The, Vol. 2, #2, 4p, 5x7, Willimae White

Little Wonder, Vol. 7. #60, 4p, 3¼x5, Vic Knerr

Presidential Postscripts, October 1963, 4p, 5x7, Milton R. Grady

Rocket Press, The, Vol. 1, #1, 2p, 5x7, C. Harler & L. Peck

Spinner, The, #4, 4p, 6x8, E. Spider Webb

Virginian, The, #5, 20p, 5½x8½, Martin and Willametta Keffer

Privately Mailed

Towne Talk, 1963, #46 to 57 inclusive, 48p, 4¼x5½, Bruce F. Towne

Spectator, The, #14, November 1963, 20p, 5x7, Walter J. Held

Yodler, The, Vol. X, #2, Winter 1963, 11p, 8½x11, Mimeo, Olive E. Read


December 1963 Bundle - 21 Papers

The All Amateur American, Vol. 21, #2, Winter 1963, 4p, 5½ x8½, F. P. Witte, Cheryl A. Witte

APC News, #96, Nov 1963, 4p, 5x7, The Cuniculus, Press

Chuckwagon Charley's Cat, Dec 1963, 5x7, Emerson Duerr

The Cornerstone, Dec 1963, 1p, 5x7, G. Wallace Tibbetts

Dingbat Gossip, Dec 1963, 4p, 5¼x8½, Charles Broad

Divertisment, Premiere Issue, Dec 1963, 4p, 4¼x5½, Nona D. Spath

The Graveyard Gazette, 12th Excavation, Dec 1963, 2p, 5x7, Ray E. Buckingham

Hemidemisemiquavers, Dec 1963, 1p, 8½x11, John Gillick.

Krums from Kerm, #6, Dec 1963, 1p, 5½x8½, Kermit Schuman

Literary Newsette, #437, Dec 1963, 4p, 8½x11, Willametta Keffer

Rays, Nov 1963, 4p, 5x7, Ray A. Albert

The Little Print, Vol. 2, #3, Christmas 1963, 1p, 5x7, Willimae White

The Manuscript Manager, Dec 1963, 1p, 5x6, Lea Palmer

Maple Leaf, Winter Edition 1963, 4p, 4¼x7, Wm. H. Gander

Presidential Postscrips, Dec 1963, 4p, 5x7, Milton R. Grady

Rays, Dec 1963, 4p, 5x7, Ray A. Albert

Seattle Amateur, Vol. 61, #1, 2p, 5x7, Clyde F. Noel

Skyline Bend Scuttlebutt, Dec 1963, 4p, 5½x9, Steve Watts

Straight From My Heart, Vol. I, Winter 1963, 6p, 5½x8½, Marvin E. Reed

Thot-Jots, Jan 1964, 4p, 5½x8½, Paul E. Heir

Velvet Shoes, Vol. 5, #3, Winter 1963, 4p, 5x7, Sally O'Rear