AMATEUR ADVISOR, #1, 6p, 5x7, Bessie Barnes, Olive E. Read, Ralph Babcock

APC NEWS, #82, 4p, 5x7, The Segals & APC Group

COLLECTION OF MEMORIES, Jan. '62, 8p, 5x7, Anita R. Kirksev

THE CORNERSTONE, Jan. '62, 4p, 5x7, G. Wallace 'Tibbetts & Peter Tibbetts Williams

The CRITERION, #1, 2p, 4x7, Richard Yoder

CRUSADER SCOUT, Vol. 1, #7, 8p, 5x7, Marvin E. Reed

CIGNET, #4, 16p & cover, 5x7, Austin West

The HAY FIELD, Winter '61-'62, 8p, 5x7, George W. Macauley

The HERMIT'S GAZETTE, #23, 4p, 5x7, Frank M. Cushing

LAMENT FOR ESTHER, poem, 1p, 4x6, George J. Crawford

The MAIL BAG, #16, 2p, 5x6. Norman Quillman.

Leaflet (no title), 4p, 3x11,. Clarence Speyer.


PREPARED FOR THE BEST, #2, 2p, 5x8, (mimeo), Carroll McCoy

SUNSHINE NOTES, Vol. 3, #1, 4p, 5x7, Ray Stang.

VELVET SHOES, Vol. 3, #4, 4p, 5x7, Sally O'Rear



The POLYSTICH, #35, Dec. '61, 16p, 4x5, Willard B. Savary

SANS SOUCI QUILL, Vol. 6, #1, 8p & cover, 4x6, Anton Bohm

BACONIANA LETTER, #2, 16p, (2p. blank), 5x7, Eric Webb


FEBRUARY 1962 BUNDLE -16 Papers

BLUE GRASS BANNER, Vol. 2, #1, 4p, 5x7, Ileen Ferguson

CANDLEBEAMS, No. 16, 4 p. 5x7. Dean S. Bollman.

THE CORNERSTONE, Fall. '62, 12p, 5x7, G. Wallace Tibbets and Peter Tibbets Williams

DINGBAT GOSSIP, #21, 4p, 5x7 Charles Broad.

INTERIM EDITION, #16, Winter '61-62, 4p. 4x6, J. Rolfe Castleman.

JUST OUR TYPE, #6, Jan, 4p, 5x7, Matilda S. and William F. Haywood.

THE MAIL BAG, #17, 2p, 5x6, Norman Quillman

THE PATRIOT, No. 21, 4p, 5x7, Orella D. Halstead.

PICTURES From A Hobby Printer's Album, 2p, 5x7, Don Mold (Manchester, Eng.)

THE PURRFIKT PRESS, #3, 2p, 4x6, C. Speyer.

RAYS, Jan, 4p, 3x5, Ray A. Albert

SEARCH & QUESTION, #21, Mar, 16p, 5x8, Paul E. Heir.

SPECTATOR, #56, 16p, & cover, 5x7, Milton Grady

TOWNE TALK, #35, 2p, Bruce F. Towne

The Wonderful Singing Rabbit of Glenway Drive, #1, 2p, 8x11, mimeo, Calvin W. Deonnon

QUEST, Vol. 7, #1, Jan, 4p, 3x6, C. L. Stanley.


THE FOSSIL, Vol. 59, Whole #172, 8p, 9xl2, Sheldon Wesson


MARCH 1962 BUNDLE, 17 Papers

BUDDY, #10, 4p, 5x7, John R. Brann

THE CORNERSTONE, March, 4p, & cover, 5x7, G. W, Tibbetts and Peter Tibbetts Williams

DINGBAT GOSSIP, #22, 4p, 5x7, Charles Broad

THE GARDEN STATE MESSENGER, Vol. 25, #1, 4p, 5x7, Clara U. Samuels

LITTLE WONDER, Vol. 4, #39, 4p, 3x5, V. Knerr

LITERARY NEWSETTE, #421, Jan, 2p, 8x11, mimeo, Willametta Keffer

THE MAIL BAG, #18, 2p, 5x6, Norman Quillman

MY HOBBY IS PRINTING, 4p, 3x5, Rev. Earl A. Cook. No Title leaflet, 4p, 5x8, Clarence Speyer

OUR VALENTINE COURIER, Feb, 4p, 5x7, Capt. Victor A. Moitoret and Milton R. Grady

THE REFLECTOR, #4, 5x6 Ruby A. Quillman

SUNSHINE NOTES, Vol. :3, #2, April, 2p, 5x7, Ray E. Stang

THE TRANSCENDENTAL SKWEE, #1, 2p, 8x11, mimeo, Bob Lichtman

THE QUEEN IS DEAD, 4p, 5x7, Ralph Babcock.

THE KITTEN, #73 (Vondv Passes), 1p, 5x7, Alf Babcock

WHY, Vol. 2, #1, 4p, 5x7, P. M. Worley

THE YODLER, (late Winter Extra, '62), 8p, 5x7, Olive E. Read



FRAGMENTS FROM LIFE'S LOOM (book of poems by Dorothy B. Winn), 42p & cover, 5x7, Frederick B. MacMahon

THE NATIONAL AMATEUR, Vol. 84, #3, 30p & cover, 7x10, J. Rolfe Castleman, with Supplement (reproduction of National Amateur, Vol. 1. No. 2, of Dec. 1878), Helm Spink.

URANIA, #2, Mar, 16p, 4x5, Willard B. Savary

WEAKER MOMENTS, #137, #138, #139, 4p each, 5x7, Ralph Babcock

THE YODLER, Vol. 8, #3, Spring '62, 6p, 8x11, mimeo, Olive E. Read.


APRIL1962 BUNDLE -29 Papers

THE ALL AMATEUR AMERICAN, Vol. 20, #1, Spring '62, Whole #34, 4p. 5x8, E. P. Witte and Cheryl A. Witte.

AMATEUR OFFERINGS, #11, 4p, 5x8,. Martin B. and Willametta Keffer

APC NEWS, #83, 4p, 5x7, APC group at the Segals, Bristol, Pa.

BISCAYNE BREEZE, Vol. 1, #5, 4p, 5x7, Alice Mae Wait

DINGBAT GOSSIP, #23, 4p, 5x7, Charles Broad

DOWN UNDER, Vol. 1, #1, Nov '61, 2p, 5x7, John G. Fraser (New Zealand)

FEATHERS IN THE WIND, Vol. 1, #4, Spring '62, 4p, 5x7, Dorothy B. Winn

THE FRIENDLY ROAD, #8, Spring '62, 12p, 5x7, Francis Earl Bonnell0

GRADYLOGUE, #17, March, 4p, 5x7, Milton Grady

JUST OUR TYPE, #7, 4p, 5x7, William F. & Matilda Haywood.

THE KITCHEN STOVE, #27, 4p, .5x7, L. Lincoln

KITTEN, #74, March, 4p, 5x7, Alfred Babcock

LITERARY NEWSETTE, #422, Feb, 2p, 8x11, mimeo & prtd. heading. Willametta Keffer

LITTLE WONDER, Vol. 4, #40, 4p, 3x5, V. Knerr

LOOKING BACK A HALF CENTURY, 4p. 5x8, Rev. Earl A. Cook

NEWARK CONVENTION PREVIEW, #1, 1p, 8x11, mimeo, Matilda S. Haywood

THE MAIL BAG, #19, 2p, 5x6. Norman Quillman

NAPANOTES, #10, 4p, 4x5,. Willard B. Savary

THE OLD SHIP, #1, 8p, 8x5, mimeo, Bruce Pe1z

THE PURRFIKT PRESS, #4, 2p, 5x8, C. Speyer

THE PRECEPTOR, Apr, 4p, 4x6. Maurice E. White

SEARCH & QUESTION, #22, 16p, Paul E. Heir

SEATTLE AMATEUR, Vol. 59, #1, 4p, 5x7, Dr. Clyde F. Noel

SHAMBLER. #12, 4p, 5x7, Alvin Fick

TOWNE TALK, #37, 2p, 5x8, Bruce F. Towne,

WEAKER MOMENTS, #135, #141, #144, 4p each, 5x7, Ralph Babcock.

WHY, Vol. 2, #2, 4p, 5x7, Paul M. Worley



HILLSIDE, #1, 10p & cover, 8x11, m, Don Fitch.

THE POLYSTICH, #36, 16p, 4x5, W. B. Savary


Historian's Report of Bundle and Private Mailings

257 publications recorded: Bundle papers for year, 215; Private mailings totaled 42.


MAY 1962 BUNDLE 18 papers

APC NEWS, #84, 4p, 5 x 7, The APC group at Newark and Fair Lawn, N. J, Matilda and Wm. Haywood.

THE ARTFUL DODGER, Vol. 1, #4, 4p, 5 x 8, Arthur F. McClure

BLUE SKIES, No. 12 (Spg.1962) 8p. 5x7. Anita R. Kirksey. BUDDY, No. 1 1. 4 p. 5 x 7. John R. Braun.

THE CORNERSTONE, (May, 1962) 8p, 5 x 7, (1 blank) G. Wallace Tibbetts, Peter Tibbetts Williams

DINGBAT GOSSIP, #24, 4p, 5 x 7, Charles Broad

A DREAM COME TRUE. (Poem). 1p, 2 x 5, S. Louise Barber Rayle

LITERARY NEWSETTE, #423 and #424 (March and April, 2p ea, 8x11. (Mimeo.) Willamette Keffer

THE MAIL BAG, #20. 2p, 5 x 5, Norman Quillmon

THE MAPLE LEAF (May, 1962), 4p, 4 x 6, Vince Leah

PHILOMUSIA, #12 (June, 1962) 16p, 4 x 5, Willard B. Savory

THE PURRFIKT PRESS, #5, 2p, 5x8, C. Speyer

RAYS (March, 1962) 4p, 3 x 5, Ray A. Albert

SHANDYGAFF, #7 (April, 1962) 4p, 5x7, Hazel Segal

STRICTLY DUERR (May, 1962) 4p, 5 x 7, Emerson Duerr

VELVET SHOES, Vol, 4, #1 (Spring, 1962) 4p, 5 x 7, Sally O'Rear

WEAKER PRINTER, #146, 4p, 5 x 7, Ralph Babcock



INTERESTING ITEMS, Vol. 57, #788, #789, #790, #791 Sep to Dec, 1952, 20p total, 4 x 7. Arthur Harris, (Llandudno, Wales).

VULTURE #1 (Incunebulous Publication No. 72) 2p, 8 x 11, (Mimeo) Bruce E. Pelz


JUNE 1962 BUNDLE 26 papers

THE AMATEUR BOHEMIAN (June 1962) 4p & cover, 5 x 7, Isaac D. Magner.

APC NEWS, #85, 4p, 5 x 7, The APC group at the Moitorets.

THE CORNERSTONE (June 1962) 4p & cover, 5 x 7, G Wallace Tibbetts and Peter Tibbetts Williams
THE COUNTRY PARSON (June 1962). 4p, 6 x 9, Rev. Earl A. Cook

DIGEST, #23 (June 1962) 2p, 8 x 11 (mimeo) Mildred Baker

DINGBAT GOSSIP, #25, 4p, 5x7, Charles Broad

DON'T TELL THA B N' C! 2p, 4 x6, C. Broad

THE HAY FIELD (Spring 1962) 4p, 5 x 7, George W. Macauley

THE LEGEND, 1p, 5 x 7, Maybelle and Wes Callender.

LITERARY NEWSETTE, #425 & #426 (May and June) 2p ea, 8x11 (mimeo) Willamette Keffer

LITTLE WONDER, Vol. 4, #42, 4p, 3 x 5, Vic Knorr

THE MAIL BAG. #21, 2p, 5 x 6, Norman Quillmon

THE MIDLAND PRINTER, #7 (July 1962) 4p, 5 x 7,Milton R. Grady

NAPANOTES, #11, 4p, 4 x 5 Willard B. Savory

PEPPERPOT, #8, #9, #10, 2p ea, 8 x 11 (mimeo) Larry Notman

PROOFREAD, #18 (Spring 1962) 12p, 4 x 6, Kermit R. Schuman

RAYS (May 1962) 4p, 3x4, Ray A. Albert

SILVER DUSK, Vol. 1, #1, William L. Bowers

TO ALL THE FRIENDS I LEAVE BEHIND, 1p, 4 x 6,. Nannie Belle Beck

TOWNE TALK, #39, 4p, 4 x 5,. Bruce. F. Towne

TRAMP PRINTER, #1 (May 1962). 4p, 5 x 7, Alvin S. Fick

THE WALRUS, Vol. 6, #17, 8p & cover, 3 x 5, Leslie Barker (Bucks, England)

WEAKER MOMENTS, #147, 4p, 5 x 7, Ralph Babcock



THE EMPIRE, #20, (June 1962) 12p, 5 x 7, George W. Trainer

THE NATIONAL AMATEUR, Vol. 84, #4, (June 1962) 30p. and cover, 7 x 10, J. Rolfe Castleman

THE SPECTATOR, #13 (May 1962) 20p, 5 x 7, Walter J. Held

URANIA, #3 (June 1962) 16p, 4 x 5, Willard B. Savory

WEAKER MOMENTS, #143 & #148, 4p, 5 x 7, (each), Ralph Babcock


UNREPORTED (December, 1961):

THE NATIONAL AMATEUR, Vol. 84, No. 2 (December 1961 ). 20 p. and cover, 7 x 10. J. Rolfe Castleman


JULY 1962 BUNDLE 17 papers

APC NEWS, #86, #87, #88, #89, July 4, 5, 6 and 7, 1962, 4p each, 5 x 7, Amateur Printers Club

THE CORNERSTONE, July, 1962, 4p, 5 x 7, G. Wallace Tibbetts and Peter Tibbets Williams

THE COUNTRY PARSON, 1-4, July, 1962, 4p, 6 x 9, Rev. Earl A. Cook

DINGBAT GOSSIP, Scoop 26. 4p, 5 x 7, Chas. Broad

THE DISTAFF, 4-1, Summer, 1962, 6p, 8x11 (mimeo), Emma H. Macauley

EXPERIMENT, #2, July, 1962, 4p, 4 x 5, Joseph F. Bradburn

LITERARY NEWSETTE, #427, July, 1962, 2p, 8 x 11, (press and mimeo) Willametta Keffer.

THE LITTLE PRINT, 1-4, Summer, 1962, 4p, 5 x 7, Willimae White

LITTLE WONDER 5-43, 3-1/8 x 5, 4p, Vic Knorr.

LYRICAL WHISPERS, #4, Spring, 1962, 16p and cover, 5 x 8, Ruby Quillmon

NAPANOTES, #12, July, 1962, 4p. 4 x 5, Willard B. Savory.

TREASURED VERSES, 1962 Edition, 30p, 4x9, Paul Warp
U. K. CAMEO, #2, April, 1962, 8p, 4 x 5. Kenneth Hardacre


AUGUST 1962 BUNDLE 16papers

APC NEWS, #91, Sep 1, 1962, 4p, 5x7, Amateur Printers Club

BUDDY, #12, Sep 1962, 4p 5x7, John R. Brann

CANDLEBEAMS, #17, Sep 1962, 4p, 5x7, Dean S. Bollman

THE CEMETERY RABBIT, #40, Sep 1962, 4p, 5x7. Vic and Rowena Mcitoret

THE HERMIT'S GAZETTE, #24, Apr 1962, 4 p., 5x7. Frank M. Cushing

INTERIM EDITION, #18, Sep 1962, 2p, 4x6, J. Rolfe Castleman

LITERARY NEWSETTE, #428, Aug 1962. 2p, 8x11. Letterpress and mimeograph. Willametta Keffer.

THE LITTLE PRINT, 1-6, Sep 1962. 4p., 5x7, Willimae W. White

THE MERRY PRINTER, Autumn 1962, 4p, 5x7, Ernie Rapa

THE PALINSCOPE, #1, Sep 1962, 16 p., 4x5 Willard B. Savory.

SEATTLE AMATEUR, 60-1, Jan 1963, 4p, 5x7, Clyde F. Noel

TARANTULA, #1, 1962. 4p, 5x7, Spun at the Sign of the Web

TOWNE TALK, #42, Sep 1962, 4p, 5x4, Bruce F. Towne

WEAKER MOMENTS, #154, 4p., 5x7, Ralph Babcock

WEAKER GRIDDLE, #3, 4p, 5x7, Fossil Head Wesson

WEAKER PASTIME, #157, 4p., 5x7, Ralph W. Babcock


SEPTEMBER 1962 BUNDLE-17 papers

THE ALL-AMERICAN AMATEUR, #35, Autumn 1962, 4p, 5x8, E. P. and Cheryl A. Witte

BLUE GRASS AMATEUR, Sep 1962, 4p, 5x7, Irwin O. Brandt

BUNDLE-GROUSER, 1p, 5x4, Ernie Raba

CAMPANE, #38, August 1962, 12 p, 5x7, Hazel and Harold Segal,

THE CEMETERY RABBIT, #39, Aug., 1962. 8p, 5x7, Vic and Rowena Moitoret

FEATHERS IN THE WIND, 1-5, Summer 1962, 4p., 5x7, Dorothy B. Winn

INTERIM EDITION, 17, July-August 1962, 4p, 4x6, J. Rolfe Castleman

LITTLE WONDER, V-44, Aug 1962, 4p, 3x5 Vic Knerr

THE LOS ANGELES SUN, #1, Aug 1962, 2p, 8x11, Mimeograph, Bob Lichtman

THE PATRIOT, #22 Sept, 1962, 4p, 5x7, Orella D. Halstead

SEARCH AND QUESTION, #23, Sep, 1962, 12p and cover. 5x8, Paul E. Heir

SILVER DUSK, 1-2, Aug., 1962, 16p, 5x7, William L. Bowers

SPARE MOMENTS, #1, July, 1962, 4p, 5x7, David M. Norton

THE SPINNER, #3, 1962, 4p, 5x8, Spun at Web

TRAMP PRINTER, #2, July 14-15, 1962, 2p, 4x5, Stan Oliner.

VELVET SHOES, IV-2, Summer, 1962, 4 p., 5x7, Sally O'Rear.



THE NATIONAL AMATEUR, Vol. 85, #1, 27p. and cover, 7x10, Official Editor: Milton R. Grady


OCTOBER 1962 BUNDLE 13 papers

APC NEWS, #92, 4p, 5x7, Amateur Printers Club, Vic Moitoret and club members, The Cuniculus Press.

THE COUNTRY PARSON, Vol. 1, #5, 4p, 6x9, Rev. Earl A. Cook, The Church Press

INTERIM EDITION, #19, 4p, 4x6, J. Rolfe Castleman, Ijamsville, Maryland

THE KITCHEN STOVE, 28th Heating, 4p, 5x7, Louise Lincoln

LITERARY NEWSETTE, #429, 2p, 8x11, Letterpress and mimeograph. Willametta Keffer

THE PURRFIKT PRESS, Exertion #6, 2p, 5x8, Clarence Speyer

RAYS, (unnumbered). 4p, 5x7, Ray Albert

ROY'S AMATEUR PRESS, First issue, 4p, 5x8, Offset, Roy Lindberg

SALVO! #11, 4P, 5x7, Victor A. Moitoret

TWO POEMS, 1p, 6x9, Harold Faust

THE WALRUS, Vol. 6, #18, 8 p., and cover. 4x5. LeslieBarker.

WEAKER MOMENTS, #158, 4p, 5x7, Ralph Babcock.

WEAKER MOMENTS, #159, 4p, 5x7, Ralph Babcock



IT'S A SMALL WORLD, #8, 1962, 48p and cover, 5x7, William F. Haywood and contributors

THE GOLDEN ROD, #22, Spring 1962, 12p, 5x7, O. W. Hinrichs

A PEEP AT THE SUN, Autumn, 1962, 6p, 8x11, Mimeograph) Florence G. Mann

THE POLYSTITCH, 37, October, 1962. 16 P. 4x5, Willard B. Savory

WEAKER MOMENTS, #150, #152, #153, 4p ea, 5x7, Ralph W. Babcock

INTERESTING ITEMS, Vol. 58, #792, January, 1953, 6p, 4x7, A. Harris.


NOVEMBER 1962 BUNDLE-11 papers

CAMPANE #39, Nov 1962, 12p, 5x7, Hazel and Harold Segal

THE CORNERSTONE, Nov 1962, 4p, 5x7, G. Wallace Tibbetts and Peter Tibbetts Williams.

JUNIOR NOTIONS, 1-1, 4p, 4x5, M. L. Branch.

LITERARY NEWSETTE, #430, Nov 1962, 2p, 8 x 11, Mimeo and press, Willametta Keffer.

PORTAGE POEMS, Oct 1962, 8p, 5x7, Alice Mae Waite

RAYS, Nov 62, 4p, 5x7, Ray A. Albert

RUSTLINGS, #5, Oct 1962, 4p, 5x7, Charles H. Russell

SILVER PLUME, #5, Oct 1962, 4 p., 4x6. Bob Coppin

STRICTLY DUERR, Sept., 1962, 4p., 5x7, Emerson Duerr.

TOWNE TALK, #45, Dec. 1962, 4p., 4x6, Bruce Towne

YCHYDIG O BOPETH, #1, Nov. 1962, 4p, 5x7, Carolyn F. Moitoret and Cathryn S. Moitoret.


DECEMBER 1962 BUNDLE 10 papers

THE ALL-AMATEUR AMERICAN, #36, Winter 1962, 4p, 5x8, E. P. and Cheryl A. Witte

THE GARDEN STATE MESSENGER, 25-3, Dec 1962, 4p, 5x7, Clara Ullrich Samuels and co-editor Frank Ankenbrand, Jr.

THE HERMIT'S GAZETTE, #25, Dec 1962, 4p, 5x7, Frank M. Cushing

THE LITTLE PRINT, 1-7, Christmas 1962, 4p, 5x7. Willimae White

LITTLE WONDER, 5-46, Nov. 1962, 4 p., 3x5, Vic Knorr

RAYS, Dec 1962, 4p, 5x7, Ray A. Albert

SAILOR'S PRAYER, 4p, 5x7, Hazel and Frank Ankenbrand

SEARCH AND QUESTION, #24, Winter 1962-63, 12p and cover. 5x8, Paul E. Heir

SILVER PLUME, #6, Dec 19, 4p, 4x6. Bob Coppin.

THE SPRITE, 111-1, Jan 1963, 8p, 5x7, Harry E. Martin

STUFF FROM THE STUFFERS, #1, Dec 1962, 4p, 5x7, Rowena A. Moitoret and Carolyn Moitoret

TOWNE TALK, #46 Jan 1963, 4x5, Bruce F. Towne

VELVET SHOES, IV-3, Fall 1962, 4p, 5x7, Sally O'Rear