January 1961 Bundle-18

Search & Question 17, 16pp., 5x8, Paul E. Heir

Same News, 4pp., 4x6, Alf Babcock

Beaver, Vol. 2, No. 1, 4pp., 3x5, Kenneth Bevier

Ollapodria 2, 12pp., 4x6, Dora Moitoret

Chit Chat 2, 4pp., 3x5, Kenneth Hardacre

Leaflet 13, 8pp., 2x3, Warren Rosenberger

Caravella 8, 4 pp., 2x5, Stan Piaskowski

Shambler 10, 4pp., 3x6, Al Fick

Cornerstone, Jan. 1961, 4pp., 4x6, G. Wallace Tibbetts

Mirages 3, 4pp., 4x6, Margaret Brane

Tusculum 30, 4pp., 5x7, Hans Hoffmann

Hyacinths, Vol. 2, No. 5. 4pp., 4x6, Sally O'Rear

Seattle Amateur, Vol. 58, No. 3, 4pp., 4x6, Clyde Noel

Campane 37, 12pp., 4x6, Hazel and Harold Segal

Brooksies' Comments' 2, 4pp., 6x8, Edwin Brooks

Markin Time, Vol. 11, No. 12, 2pp., 8x11 mimeo, Luther Markin

Mail Bag 4, 2pp., 4x6, Norman Quillman

Towne Talk 23, 2pp., 6x9, Bruce F. Towne


February 1961 Bundle - 19

Desert Tides, 2p, 8x11, Dorothy B. Winn

Tucson Trails, 16 p, 3x5. Dorothy Gallagher

The Walrus, March, 12 p, 3x5 Leslie Barker

Visiting Firemen, January. 4 p, 4x5, The Keffers, R. Mark McKenzie, Rebecca Greenhouse

Little Wonder, February, 4 p, 3x5, Vic Knerr

The Leaflet, February, 4 p, 3x4, Rosenberger

Spectator, February, 16 p, & cover, 5x7, Milton R. Grady

The Maple Leaf, Winter, 4 p, 6x8, Vince Leah

The Mail Bag, February, 2 p, 5x7, Norman Quillman

Duo, Spring, 4p, 5x5, Brauner J. Ostergaard

The Cygnet, Mid-Winter, 8 p, 5x7, Austin West and Patricia Burgess Stahler

The Yodler, Mid-Winter. 8 p, 5x7, Olive E. Read

Sunshine Notes, February, 5x7, Ray E. Stang

Velvet Shoes, Winter. 4 p, 5x7, Sally O'Rear

The Trail Blazer, March, 8 p, 5x7, Neva Ann Merrick

Dingbat Gossip, Spring, 5x7, Charles Bread

The Digest. February, 2 p, 8x11 , Mildred Baker

Towne Talk. March, 2 p, 5x8, Bruce F. Towne

Snoopy Scoops, January, 5x8, Rebecca Greenhouse


March 1961 Bundle - 15

The Shambler, March, 8 p, 4x6, Al Fick

The Mail Bag, March, 2 p, 5x6, Norman Quillman

The Cornerstone, March, 12 p. 5x7. G. Wallace Tibbetts

The Hermit's Gazette, April, 4 p, 5x7, Frank M. Cushing

File Thirteen, Spring, 4 p. 5x7. Frank N. Coleman

Two Ems, March, 4 p. 5x7. Dora Hepner Moiteret

Natvrali Histpria 1960 Anno. 4 p. 5x7. Milton R. Grady

The Unicorn, January, 4p, 5x8, Miriam Woodruff

Towne Talk, April, 5x8, 2 p, Bruce F. Towne

Search & Question, April, 12 p, 5x8, Paul E. Heir

Little Wonder, March, 4 p, 3x5, Vic Knerr

Leaves,. March. 8 p., 4x5, Joe Sim

Caravella, April, 4 p, 4 x 6, Stan Piaskowski

Philonmusia, March, 20p, 4x5, Willard B. Savary


April 1961 Bundle - 21

Literary Newsette, March, 2 p, 8x11, Willametta Keffer

Duo, Spring, 2p, 5x8, Brauner J. Ostergaard

Digest, April. 2 p, 8x11, Mildred Baker

The Little Print, Spring, April, 4p,. 5x7. Willamae White

The Pastime Printer, Spring, April, 8 p, 5x7, Steve L. Watts

Biscayne Breeze, February, 4 p. 5x7, Alice Mae White

The Cornerstone, April, 4 p, 5x7, G. Wallace Tibbitts

Seeattle Amateur, May, 4 p, 5x7, Clyde F. Noel

The Trail Blazer, April, 8 p, 5x7, Neva Ann Merrick

Velvet Shoes, Spring, 4 p, 5x7, Sally O'Rear

Weaker Moments, #131, 4 p, 5x7, Ralph Babccck

The Buckeye Amateur, April, 4 p, 5x7, Marion Snyder

The Hinky Dinkey Report, 4 p, Spring, 4x6, Robert J. Hodson

The Mail Bag, 2 p, 5x6, Norman Quillman

300, April, 4p, 4x5, Mrs. Clyde H. Butt

Interim Edition, Spring, 8 p, 4x6, J. Rolfe Castleman

Prairie Memories, April, 12 p, 4x5, Olive Read

Tucson Trails, 1961, 12 p & cover, 4x5, Frank Cushing

Little Wonder, April, 4 p, 3x5, Vic Knerr

A Logical Perceptive Test, 1961, 4p, 3x4, Joseph H. Stehn

Digest, Spring, 12p, 5x8, Jack A. Young


Private Mailings

The Polystich, April, 1961, 16 p, 4x5, Willard B. Savary

The Yodler, Spring. 1961, 5 p, 8x11, Olive E. Read


MAY 1961 BUNDLE -20 Papers

APC NEWS, #76, 4 p. & 1p, insert, 5x7.

THE BEAVER, Vol. 2, #2, Spring '61, 4p, (1p. blank) 4x6,. Kenneth Bevier.

CANDLEBEAMS, #14, 4 p. 5x7, Dean S. Bollman.

THE CONSTITUTIONALIST, June '61 (mimeo), 2p. 8x11. Helm Spink.

THE CORNERSTONE, May, '61, 16p, (2p. blank) 5x7, G. Wallace Tibbetts.

FAIR BREEZE, #1, 1p. 5x8,. Frances H. Beran.

DEAR GOD ABOVE (Song) 4p, 9x12, George R. Gillespie.

KITTEN, #69, 4p. 5x7, Alf Babcock & Clarence Speyer.

LITTLE WONDER, Vol. 3, #30, June '61, 4p, 3x.5, Vic Knerr.

LOCUS, #9, 4p. 5x7. Thomas B. Whitbread.

LOVE THIS LAND, #10, March '61, 4p. 5x7. Hollis French.

THE MAIL BAG, #8, May '61, 4p. 5x6. Norman Quillman.

OLLAPODRIDA, #3, Spring '61, 12p. & 3p. insert, 5x7. Dora H. Moitoret.

PHILOMUSIA, #10, 16p, 4x5, Willard B. Savary.

READER'S COMPANION, Vol. 18, #6, June '61, 6p, 5x7. Hal Tucker.

THE REFLECTOR, Vol. I, #2, 4p. 5x7. Ruby A. Quillman.

SEARCH & QUESTION, #19, '61, 16p. 5x8,. Paul E. Heir.

SEATTLE AMATEUR, Vol. 58, #5, 4p. 5x7,. Clyde F. Noel.

THE STRIPLING, #12, Spring, '61, 32p. 5x8,. Jack Coolidge Jr.

THE WALRUS, Vol. 5, #14, June '61, 8p. & cover, 3x5. Leslie Barker.



FREE ADVICE ON VOTING, 2p. 5x7. Alf Babcock.
IT'S A SMALL WORLD, 7th Annual Edition, 54p. & cover. Bill Haywood and 26 cooperating printers.


JUNE 1961 BUNDLE -21 Papers

THE ARTFUL DODGER, Vol. 1, #3, Spring '61, 4p. 5x8, Arthur F. McClure.

CARAVELLA, #10, May '61, 4 p. 4x6. Stan Piaskowski.

THE CORNERSTONE, 8p. & cover, 5x7, G. Wallace Tibbetts.

DIGEST, Summer 61, Vol. 1, No. 2, 12 p. 51/2x8i/,. Jack A. Young.

DINGBAT GOSSIP, #17, 2p. 5x7,. Charles Broad.

THE DISTAFF, Vol. 3, #1, Spring '61, 16p. 5x7, Emma A. Macauley.

DUO, #5, Summer '61, 1p. 5x8, Brauner Ostergaard.

GARDEN STATE MESSENGER, Vol. 24, #2, 4p, 5x7. Clara U. Samuels.

HINKY DINK REPORT, #4, Summer '61, 4p. 4,x6. Robert J. Hudson.

HISTORICAL PRESS of Tubac, 8p. (1p. blank) 4x5,. Frank M. Cushing.

INTERIM EDITION, #14, Summer '61, 8p, 4x6. J. Rolfe Castleman.

KITTEN, #70, 4 p. 5x7. Alf Babcock.

LITTLE WONDER, Vol. 3, #29, 4 p. 1x5. Vic Knerr.

LYRICAL WHISPERS, #1, Summer '61, 10p. 5x7. Austin West.

THE MAIL BAG, #9, 2p. 5x6. Norman Quillman

READER'S COMPANION, Vol. 18, #7, 6p. 5x7. Ha] Tucker.

SNOOPY SCOOPS, #5, May 61, 5 p. 8x11, mimeo. Rebecca Greenhouse.

STRICTLY DUERR, June '61, 4p. 5x7. Emerson Duerr.

TOWNE TALK, #28. 2 p. 5x8,. Bruce F. Towne.

TREASURED VERSES, 1961 Edition. 28p. 4x9. Paul A. Warp.

WEAKER MOMENTS, #133, 4p. 5x7. Ralph Babcock.



THE NATIONAL AMATEUR, Vol. 83, #4, 28p. & cover, 7x10 (incl. 4p. insert, 5x7 by Kermit Schuman). Stan Oliner.

THE YODLER, Vol. 7, #4, mimeo, 6 p. 8x11. Olive E. Read.

SANS SOUCI QUILL, Vol. 5, #4, 8 p. & cover, 4x6. Anton Bohm.


JULY 1961 BUNDLE -17 Papers

APC NEWS, #77, 4 p. 5x7. Wm. F. Haywood.

CEMETERY RABBIT, #38, 20p. 5x7. The Victor A. Moitorets.

THE CORNERSTONE, July '61, 12p. & cover, 5x7. G. Wallace Tibbetts.

DINGBAT GOSSIP, #18, 2 p. 5x7 Charles Broad.

DUO, #6, Summer 61, 5 p. 5x6. Brautier Ostergaard.

THE LEAFLET, #16, 4 p. ;3x4. Warren Rosenberger.

LITERARY NEWSETTE, #420, mimeo & prtd. hdg., 2 p. 8x11, Willametta Keifer.

LITTLE WONDER, Vol. 3, #31, 4p, 3x5. Vic Knerr.

THE MAIL BAG, #10, 2 p. 5x6. Norman Quillman.

READER'S COMPANION, Vol. 18, #8, 6 p. 5x7. Hal Tucker.

SILVER PLUME, No. 3, 4 P. 5x6. Bob Coppin.

THE STAR-JOURNALIST, Vol. 3, #5, 2 p. 7x9. Alan E. Harshaw.

THIS GRAIN OF SAND ( Motto card) 3x6. Charles Broad.

THE TRAIL BLAZER, Vol. 2, #3, 8 p. 5x7. Neva Merrick, Lawton W. Luther, Arthur H. Parker, Nannie B. Beck.

VELVET SHOES, July, #61, 4 p. 5x7. Sally O'Rear.

WEAKER MOMENTS, #132, 4 p. 5x7. Ralph Babcock.

THE WEEKLY ARIZONIAN, NAPA Convention issue, 1p, 9x13.



SANS SOUCI QUILL, Vol. 5, #5, 8 p. & cover, 4x6. Anton Bohm.



APC NEWS, #78, 4p. 5x7. Ralph Babcock and Harold Segal, and the APC group.

CANDLEBEAMS, #15, 4p, 5x7, Dean S. Bollman,

CHATTER, #14, 4p, 5x7, Ray E. Stang.

FROM THE MANUSCRIPT BUREAU, 2p, 5x7, Dorothy B. Winn.

THE GAGE PIN, #12, Spring '61, 8p, 4x6, Fred H. Gage.

INTERIM EDITION, #15, Fall '61, 8p, 4x6. J. Rolfe Castleman.

THE LEAFLET, #17, June 20, '61, 4p, 3x4,. Warren Rosenberger,

LEAVES, #15, 4p. 3x5. Joe Sim (Notts, England).

LITTLE WONDER, #32, 4p. each, 3x5, Vic Knerr.

LITTLE WONDER, #33, 4p. each, 3x5, Vic Knerr.

THE MAIL BAG, #11, 2p, 5x6, Norman Quillman

PHILOMUSIA, No. 11, 16p, 4x5,. Willard B. Savary.

READER'S COMPANION, Vol, 18, #9, Sept., 6 p. 5x7. Hal Tucker,

RUSTLINGS, #4, 4p, 5x7. Charles H. Russell.

SHARING, Vol. 1, #1, Summer '61, 16p, (1p blank) 5x8, Austin West.

THE STAR-JOURNALIST, Vol. 3, #6, 2p, 7x9, Alan E. Harshaw.

URANIA, #1, 16p. 4x5, Willard B. Savary.

VELVET SHOES, Vol. 3, #2, 4p, 5x7,. Sally O'Rear.



NATIONAL AMATEUR, Partial Index for Vol. 83, 4p, & cover, 7x10, Stan Oliner

INTERESTING ITEMS, Vol. 57, #780, 782, 783, 20p. 4x7. A. Harris (Penrhyn Bay, Llandudno, Wales).

Friday Market, #14, 20p. 5x7, A. L. Shearn (Surrey, England).



APC NEWS, #79, 4p, 5x7, APC members at Harold & Sonya Davids.

BLUE GRASS BANNER, Vol. 1, #1, 4p, 5x7, Bill & Ileen Ferguson.

THE CORNERSTONE, Sept. '61, 8p, 5x7. G. Wallace Tibbetts,

HYACINTHS, Vol, 2, #6, 4p, 5x7, Sally O'Rear.

KITTEN, #70, 4p, 5x7, Alf Babcock,

THE LITTLE PRINT, Vol, 1, #2, 4p, 5x7, Willimae White.

THE MAIL BAG, #12, 2p, 5x6, Norman Quillman.

MERLIN'S MAGIC, Vol. 2, #10, Aug. '61, 4p, (mimeo) 8x11, Merlin F. Teed,

PEPPERPOT, Vol. 2, #1, 2p, (mimeo) 8x11, Larry Notman.

THE REFLECTOR, #3, 4p, 5x7, Ruby A. Quillman,

REPORT from the Clearing House, 2p, (mimeo) 8x11, Helm Spink.

SEARCH & QUESTION, #20, 16p, 5x8,. Paul Heir.

THE TRAIL BLAZER, Vol. 2, #4, 8p, 5x7, Neva Ann Merrick, Lawton W. Luther, Arthur H. Parker, Nannie Belle Beck, Hal Tucker,

THE WALRUS, Vol. 5, #15, 12p, 3x5,(2p. blank). Leslie Barker



CUBICLE, #47, Winter '60-61Final Sept. '61, 32p & cover (1p. blank) 4x6, Robert Holman.

FRIDAY MARKET, #15, Oct. '61Final issue, 12p. 5x7,. A. L. Shearn (Surrey, England).

SANS SOUCI QUILL, Vol. 5, #6, 8p & cover, 4x6. Anton Bohm,

THE NATIONAL AMATEUR, Vol, 84, #1, 22p & cover, 7x10, J. Rolfe Castleman.

THE YODLER, Vol, 8, #1, Autumn '61, 7p. (mimeo), 8x11, Olive E. Read



APC NEWS, #80, 4p, 5x7, Alvin S. Fick and APC group.

A BEWICK MEMENTO, #1, 4p, 4x7, E. X. Fielding.

BLUE GRASS BANNER, Vol. 1, #2, 4p, 5x7, Ileen Ferguson.

THE CORNERSTONE, Oct. issue, 8p, 5x7, G. Wallace Tibbetts and Peter Tibbetts Williams.

U. K. CAMEO, #1, 4p, 4x5, Kenneth Hardacre (Watford, England).

CHIT-CHAT, #3, 4p, 4x5, Kenneth Hardacre (Watford, England).

THE DIGEST, Vol. 1, #3, 12p, 5x8, Jack A. Young.

DINGBAT GOSSIP, #19, 4p, 5x7, Charles Broad.

FEATHERS IN THE WIND, Vol. 1, #3, 4p, 5x7, Dorothy B. Winn.

HOME AT LAST, poem by Veda Burnaugh Collins, 1p, 6x9, printed by Harold Faust.

LITTLE WONDER, Vol. 4, #34, 4p, 3x5, Vic Knerr.

THE MAIL BAG, #13, 2p, 5x6, Norman Quillman.

NEW MUSIC, #1, 4p, 5x8,. Austin West.

SHIRT SLEEVE SONNETS, #1, Poems by Edwin L. Brooks, 1p, 6x9, printed by Harold Faust.

SPECTATOR, #55, 16p and cover, 5x7, Milton R. Grady.

SUNSHINE NOTES, Vol. 2, #2, 4p, 5x7, Ray E. Stang,


SANS SOUCI QUILL, Vol. 5, #7, 8p & cover, 4x6, Anton Bohm.



THE ALL AMATEUR AMERICAN. Vol. 19 #1, 4p, 5x8, E. P. Witte, Cheryl A. Witte.

AMATEUR JOURNALISM, publicity leaflet, 4p, 3x5, George Macauley.

THE CORNERSTONE, Nov. '61, 12p & coxer, 5x7. G. V allace Tibbetts, Peter Tibbetts Williams.

DIGEST, #23, Dec. '61, 2p, 8x11, mimeo, Mildred Baker.

DINGBAT GOSSIP, #20, 4p, 5x7, Charles Broad

THE KITTEN, #72, 1p, 4x3, Alf Babcock.

THE MAIL BAG, #14, 2p, 5x5, Norman Quillman.

THE MIDLAND PRINTER, #5, 4p, 5x7, Milton R. Grady.

PARLOUR GAMES, #2, 2p, 4x7, Doris and Don Mold. (Manchester, Eng.)

RAYS, Sept., '61, 4p, 3x4, Ray A. Albert.

VELVET SHOES. Vol. 8, #3, Fall '61, 4p, 5x7, Sally O'Rear



APC NEWS, No. 81, 4 p. 5x7. APC Group.

CLEMACENTO, Vol. 17, No. 1, 24p & cover, 5x7, Alfred Babcock.

THE FOSSIL, Vol. 59, Whole #171, 12p, 9x12, Sheldon Wesson, editor, Yokohama, Japan.

KITTEN, #71, 4p, 5x7, Alfred Babcock.

A PEEP AT THE SUN, Fall '61, 6p, 8x11, mimeo, Florence G. Mann.

SIAMESE STANDPIPE, #41, Sept. '61, 12p & cover, 4x6. Helen & Sheldon Wesson (Yokolouna, Japan).

WEAKER MOMENTS, #134, 4p, each, 5x7, Ralph Babcock.

WEAKER MOMENTS, #135, 4p, each, 5x7, Ralph Babcock.



BLUE GRASS BANNER, Dec. '61, 12p, & cover, 5x7, Ileen Ferguson.

DIGEST, Vol. I, #4, 12p, 5x8, Jack A. Young

DINGBAT GOSSIP, Interim Edition, 4p, 5x7, Charles Broad

DUO, #7, 2p, 5x8, Brauner J. Ostergaard

The LITTLE PRINT, Dec. '61, 4p, 5x7, Willimae White.

LYRICAL WHISPERS, #3, 12p & cover, 5x8, Austin West & Lucille Adamson

The MAIL BAG, #15, 2p, 5x5, Norman Quillman

The MIDLAND PRINTER, #6, 4p, 5x7, Milt Grady

POSTERN, #1, 4p (1p. blank), 4x5, Frank Spear

PREPARED FOR THE BEST, #1, 2p, 5x8, mimeo, Carroll McCoy

SILVER PLUME, #4, 4p, 4x6, Bob Coppin

THREE WISE MEN (Poem) 4p, 4x9, Maj Frank Ankenbrand Jr.

TOWNE TALK, #33, 2P, 5x8, Bruce F. Towne

'The TRAILBLAZER, Vol, 2, #5, 12p, 5x7, Neva Ann Merrick, Lawton NV. Luther, Arthur H. Parker, Nannic Belle Beck, Hal Tucker

TWO EMS, #12, 2p, 5x7, Dora H. Moitoret & Donald D. Mold (Manchester, England)

The WALRUS, Vol. 6, #16, 8p & cover, 3x5, Leslie Barker (Cheshani, Bucks, England)

WARP'S CHRISTMAS MESSENGER, #22, 24p & cover, 6x9. Paul A. Warp



INTERESTING ITEMS, Vol. 57, #784 to #787 (May-Aug. '52), 20 p. 4'2x7. A. Harris (Llandudno, Wales).

The GARDEN STATE MESSENGER, Vol. 24, #4, 4pp, 5x7, Clara U. Samuels

The LITTLE MATCH GIRL (booklet 24p, 1-7/8x2-3/8, & Greeting, 4p, 4x:6), Anton Bohm

THE YODLER, Vol. 8, #2, Winter '61, 6p, 8x11 mimeo. Olive E. Read.