JANUARY 1958 BUNDLE 19 Papers

ALAN'S ALLEY, 1, Jan., 11pp, 4x5, Willametta Keffer and Alan Harshaw.

CANDLEBEAMS, 10, Jan., 4pp, 5x7, Dean S. Bollman.

CAPITOL COLUMNS, 14, Dec. 25, 15, Jan, 1; each 4pp, 5x7, Joseph Bradburn, Vic Moitoret

CEMETERY RABBIT, The, 35, Dec., 4pp, 5x7, Rowena A. Moitoret, Mona Gaither, and Victor A. Moitoret.

EDEN'S REBELLION, 4pp, 5x8, mimeo, Nona D. Spath.

ESSE, 1, Jan., 4pp, 4x6, Carol A. Stock.

HERMIT'S GAZETTE, The, 4, Jan., 8pp, 5x7, Frank M. Cushing.

IMPRESSIONS, 2, Dec., 4pp, 5x7, Helen E. Middleton, Gordon K. Route.

KITTEN, 53, Jan., 4pp, 5x7, Alfred Babcock.

MAILER, The, 19-6, Jan., 4pp, 5x8, mimeo, Bert Baker.

PATRIOT, 13, Jan., 4pp, 4x6, Orella Halstead.

POLYSTITCH, The, 7-2, Jan., 16pp, 4x5, Willard B. Savary.

RAYS, Dec., 4pp, 3x5, Ray A. Albert.

RIVER HILL PRINTER, 2, Jan., 4pp, 4x6, Robert J. Jaskovski.

SEARCH & QUESTION, 2-1, Winter, 12pp, 5x8, Dorothy B. Winn, Samuel Tatnall, and Paul E. Heir.

STRICTLY DUERR, Jan., 4pp, 5x7, E. Duerr.

VISITING FIREWOMAN, 6, Oct., 4pp, 4x5, Sesta T. Matheison and the Keffers.

VISITING FIREMAN, 7, Dec., 4pp, 4x5, Spencer D. Irwin and the Keffers.


FEBRUARY 1958 BUNDLE 24 Papers

CAPITOL COLUMNS, 16, Jan. 31; 17, Feb. 2; 18, Feb. 4; each 4pp, 5x7, Victor Moitoret and Joseph Bradburn.

CEREBRATIONS, 6, Jan., 4pp, 5x7, Carla Patsuris, Martin B. Keffer, Frances H. Beran, Alf Babcock.

DEEP CREEK DIGEST, 2, Feb., 4pp, 5x7, Viola Payne, Elizabeth Beavers.

GIRLDOM, 1 (new series), 4pp, 5x7, Wilfried Myers, Edgar M. Hayes.

GOLDENROD, The, 8-1, July, 14pp, 4x7, Otto W. Hinrichs, S. Louise Rayle; also Natalie Wooley, Frank Schermerhorn.

HERMIT'S GAZETTE, The, 5, Feb., 6pp, 5x7, Frank M. Cushing.

JUNIOR JOURNALIST, The, 2-6, Jan., 2pp, 5x8, Alan Harshaw.

MAILER, The, 19-7, Feb., 4pp, 5x8, mimeo, Bert Baker.

NORTH, 1, Winter, 4pp, 5x7, Lawrence Martell, Elizabeth C. McCrimmon, Gustave Kiss, Alf Babcock.

OUR VALENTINE COURIER, 4pp, 5x7, Milton R. Grady, Alan Harshaw.

PRAIRIE BREEZE, The, 11, Feb., 4pp, 4x5, Albert Taylor, Bill Kelley.

PROVOCATION, 1, Feb., 4pp, 3x3, Willamette Keffer.

RAYS, Jan., 4pp, 3x5, Ray A. Albert, Norma A. Kirkendall.

REFLECTIONS & REFRACTIONS, 10, Winter, 4pp, 5x7, Harold E. Davids, Sonya Davids.

RIVER HILL PRINTER, The, 3, Feb., 4pp, 4x6, Robert J. Jaskovski.

SANS SOUCI QUILL, The, 2-1, (No. 3), Feb., 8pp and cover, Anton Bohm.

SHAMBLER, 5, Feb., 4pp, 5x7, Alvin Fick.

SILVER PLUME, Jan., 4pp, 4x6 with drawings, Bob Coppin.

STRICTLY DUERR, Feb., 4pp, 5x7, E. Duerr.

TUSCULUM, 1, Feb., 4pp, 5x7, Hans A. Hoffmann.

WEAKER PASTIME (MOMENTS), 78, 4pp, 5x7, Ralph W. Babcock.

WHO SAYS SO?, 4, 2pp, 8x14, mimeo, Norma A. Kirkendall.

ALSO in bundle was leaflet on Congress Hotel.



CORDUROY PATCH, 1-2, Dec., 20pp, 8x11, offset, Steve Watts, Veda B. Collins, Paula Nelson, Wm. F. Evans, Eddie Schaffer.

FAR AFIELD, 13, 24pp plus cover, 5x7, F. F. Thomas, Jr., John S. Kendall, Lisa Stillman Mackey, Thomas B. Whitbread.

KERYGMA, 1, 8pp, and 2 color cover, 3x4. The Rev. Herbert H. Lambert.

LEAVES, 60, Jan., 16pp, 3x4. Warren S. Rosenberger.

LONDON LORE, 1, 4pp, 5x7, Marvin Sanford.

A PEEP AT THE SUN, Fall, 7pp, 8x11, typed, Florence G. Mann.

POLYSTITCH, The, 7-1, Dec., 16pp, 4x5. John L. Grinch and Willard B. Savary.

POSTAL PERIPATATE, 1, 2pp, 8x11, dittoed. Arthur V. Isenberg.

POSTAL PERIPATATE, 2, 4pp, 8x11, dittoed. Arthur V. Isenberg.

RENDEZVOUS, 3, 8pp and cover, 4x6. Joseph W. Curran.

SIAMESE STANDPIPE, 38, Christmas, 20pp, and silk-screened cover with applique, 4x6. Sheldon and Helen Wesson.

WEAKER MOMENTS, 77 and 79, each 4pp, 5x7,. Ralph W. Babcock.

YODLER, 4-2, Winter, 4pp, 8x11, dittoed. Veda Collins, George Crawford, Olive Read

YODLER, 4-3, Spring, 5pp, 8x11, dittoed. Olive Read, Veda Collins, Mary Garbarini. George Crawford, Helen E. Middleton‑


MARCH 1958 BUNDLE 18 Papers

BERT BAKER'S BULLETIN, 6-1a, March, 4pp, 5x8, mimeo, Bert Baker.

CAMPANE, 29, Jan., 12pp, 5x7, L. Verle Heljeson, Viola Payne, Hazel and Harold Segal.

FRIENDLY ROAD, THE, 5, Spring, 12pp, 5x7, Dorothy B. Winn, Viola A. Payne, F. Earl Bonnell.

GRADYLOGUE, 8, March, 4pp, 5x7, Milt Grady.

HERMIT'S GAZETTE, THE, 6, March, 6pp, 5x7, Frank M. Cushing.

HYACINTHS, 1-1, March, 4pp, 5x7, Sally O'Rear.

ISENLOCUTOR, THE, 6, Feb., 4pp, 8x11, duplicated, A. V. Isenberg.

LITERARY NEWSETTE, 390, March, 2pp, 8x11, mimeo, Dr. Margaret Jones and Willamette Keffer,

MAILER, THE, 19-8, March, 4pp, 5x8, mimeo, Bert Baker.

RIVER HILL PRINTER, THE, 4, March, 8pp, 4x7, Robert J. Jaskovski.

PASTIME PRINTER, The, 8, March, 8 p. 5x7, Steve L. Watts.

RAYS, Feb., 4pp, 3x5, Carla Patsuris, Ray A. Albert.

SANS SOUCI QUILL, THE, 2-2, March, 10pp, 4x6, Anton Bohm.

SEARCH & QUESTION, 2-2, Spring, 12pp, 5x8, Dorothy B. Winn, Paul E. Heir.

STRICTLY DUERR, March, 4pp, 5x7, Emerson Duerr.

TUSCULUM, 1-2, March. 4pp, 5x7, Hans A. Hoffmann.

UNICORN, THE, 1-1, Jan., 4pp, 5x8, Miriam Woodruff.

WEAKER MOMENTS, 80, March, 4pp, 5x7, Ralph W. Babcock.


APRIL 1958 BUNDLE 33 Papers

AJAY GRAPHIC, 10, 8pp, 5x8, Marvin Sanford and Jack London APC.

BOOKERY, THE, 7, Spring, 4pp, 5x7, Fred C. Eichin.

BLUE GRASS AMATEUR, April, 4pp, 5x7, Irwin 0. Brandt.

BERT BAKER'S BULLETIN, 6-2 (53) April, 12pp, 5x8, mimeo, Bert Baker.

CEDAR SMOKE, 5, 4pp, 5x7, Viola Payne and Stan Oliner.

COLORADO WAGONWHEEL, 2, 4pp, 5x7, Veda B. Collins and Stan Oliner.

COMMENTATOR, THE, 3, March, 4pp, 5x7, Jim Lemon and Milton R. Grady.

CORNERSTONE, THE, April. 8pp, 5x7, S. Louise Rayle, G. Wallace Tibbetts.

GRADYLOGUE, 9, April, 8pp, 5x7, John Gillick and Milton R. Grady.

HELLUVIT, April, 2pp, 8x11, mimeo, (Stan) Oliner.

HERMIT'S GAZETTE, THE, 7, April. 4pp, 5x7, Frank M. Cushing.

IN BETWEEN, 12, Spring, 4pp, 5x8, Alexia Ostergaard.

MAINE SPOKE, 2, Spring, 4pp, 4x6, Frederick H. Gage.

THE MINIATURE GAZETTE & OCCASIONAL NARRATOR, 1-1, April 18, 2pp, 4x6, Robert Coe.

ISENLOCUTOR, 7, March, 4pp, 8x11,duplicated, Arthur V. Isenberg.

KITCHEN STOVE, THE, 25, April, 4pp, Louise Lincoln, Alf Babcock.

LAZARETTE, THE, 12, April, 8pp, 5x7, John Gillick, Dorothy B. Winn, Dora Moitoret, Nona D. Spath, and Frank Swinarski.
MAILER, THE, 19-9, April, 4pp, 5x8, mimeo, Bert Baker.

PATRIOT, THE, 14, April, 4pp, 5x7, Orella D. Halstead.

PHILOMUSIA LITERARY JOURNAL, 1, April, 8pp, 4x5, Willard B. Savary.

POLYSTICH, The, 30, April, 30pp. 4x5, Willard B. Savary..

POSTAL PERIPATATE, Spring, 2pp, 8x11, duplicated, Arthur V. Isenberg.

PRAIRIE MEMORIES, 1, April, 8pp, plus 1pp. supplement, 4x5, Olive Read; W. Keffer

QUEST, THE, 4p,5x8, mimeo, Zita Comet.

RIVER HILL PRINTER, THE, 5, April, 6pp, 4x7, Robert J. Jaskovski.

SLIP SHEET, 2-1, April, 4pp, 5x7, George W. Hamilton, Alfred Babcock.

SPARKLER, 7, 4pp, mimeo, 6x8 Norma Anne Kirkendall,

SPINDLE, THE, 1, April, 4pp, 5x7, Wesley H. Porter and Skip Oliner.

TUSCULUM, 1-3, April, 4pp, 5x7, H. Hoffmann

VIRGINIA GARDENER, THE, 1, April, 4pp and cover, 6x8, Fred Hubbard and Willametta T. Keffer.

WEAKER MOMENTS, 75, 4pp, 5x7, R. Babcock

WEAKER MOMENTS, 84, 4pp, 5x7, R. Babcock

WEAKER PRINTER (MOMENTS), 85, 4pp, 5x7, Ralph W. Babcock.


MAY 1958 BUNDLE 24 Papers

CORNERSTONE, The, 8pp, 5x7, G. W. Tibbetts

CORNERSTONE, The, May, 8pp w/cover, 5x7, G. Wallace Tibbetts and contributors.

DIGEST, THE, 4pp, 5x8, mimeo, Mildred Baker.

ESSE, 2, May, 4pp, 5x8, C. A. Stock.

FREE LANCE, THE, Spring, 12pp, 5x, Chicago Writers Club.

GRADYLOGUE, 10, May, 4pp, 5x7, M. R. Grady.

HERMIT'S GAZETTE, The, 8, May, 4pp, and 4pp. supplement, 5x7, Frank M. Cushing.

I DID THE IMPOSSIBLE, 36pp. and cover, 4x5, Alan E. Harshaw.

IRWINESQUE, 1, May 14, 7x12, 2pp, Spencer D. Irwin.

MAILER, The, 19-10, May, 4pp, 5x8, mimeo, Bert Baker.

MAINEIAC, THE, 3, Spring, 4pp, 4x5, Eddie Smart.

PROVOCATION, 2, April, 8pp, 3x4, Willametta Keffer.

RIVER HILL PRINTER, The, 6, May, 2pp, 4x7, Robert J. Jaskovski.

SANTS SOUCI QUILL, The, 2-3, May, 8pp, 4x6, cover, Anton Bohm.

SEARCH & QUESTION, 2-3, Summer, 12pp, 5x8, including cover, Paul E. Heir.

SEATTLE AMATEUR, 55-2, July, 4pp, 5x7, Dr. Clyde F. Noel.

SLIP SHEET, 2-2, May, 4pp, 5x7, George Wm. Hamilton.

STRICTLY DUERR, May, 4pp, 5x7, E. Duerr.

STUDIO NOTES, 1, May, 4pp, 5x5, Emma Thomsen.

TUSCULUM, 1-4, May, 4pp, 5x7, H. Hoffmann

UNICORN, 1-2, April, 4pp, 5x8, Miriam Woodruff.

VISITING FIREMAN, 8, April 9, 8pp, 4x5, Ray Albert, Martin and Willametta. Keffer.

WEAKER MOMENTS, 83, 4pp, 5x7, R. Babcock.

WEAKER MOMENTS, 86, 4pp, 5x7, R. Babcock.



ALFS CAT, 106, 24pp, and cover, 5x7, Alfred P. Babcock and contributors.

ALF'S CAT, 107, 24pp, and cover, 5x7, Alfred P. Babcock.

BY LINES, 12pp and cover, 5x7, J. C. Jones.

CORDUROY PATCH, 1-3, March, 24pp, 8x11, offset, Eddie Schaffer and contributors.

FAR AFIELD, 13, Spring, 24pp and cover, 5x7, F. F. Thomas Jr., and contributors.

FRIDAY MARKET, 7, April, 20pp, 5x7, A. L. Shearn and contributors.

LEAVES, 61, Feb., 16pp, 3x4, Warren S. Rosenberger.

RAYS, Feb., 4pp, 3x5, Ray A. Albert.

RAYS, Jan. to March, 1pp, 3x5, Ray Albert.

SIAMESE STANDPIPE, 39, Feb., 24pp, 4x6, Sheldon and Helen Wesson

SPECTATOR, The, April, 24pp and cover, 5x7, Walter J. Held and contributors.

WEAKER MOMENTS, 77, 4pp, 5x7, R. Babcock.

WEAKER MOMENTS, 78, 4pp, 5x7, R. Babcock.

WEAKER MOMENTS, 79, 4pp, 5x7, R. Babcock.

YODLER, The, 4-3, Spring, 4pp, 8x11, duplicated, Olive E. Read and contributors.

IT'S A SMALL WORLD, 4, 1958, 36pp and cover, 5x7, tube bound, Willem R. Haywood and contributors.

GATOR GROWL, The, 67, April, 5x8, 24pp and cover, Leland M. Hawes Jr., contributors.


JUNE 1958 MAILING 24 Papers

BIRMINGHAM JOTTINGS, Supplement of, 2pp and cover, 5x6, John G. A. Duley.
CEMETERY RABBIT, The, 36, June, 8pp, 5x7, Victor and Rowena Moitoret.

COMMENTATOR, The, 4, June, 4pp, 5x7, Milton R. Grady,

DOWN ALAN'S ALLEY, 2, June, 2pp, 4x5, Al Harshaw.

GOLDEN SUN, The, 1, June, 4pp, 5x7. Jim and Helen Doolittle.

GRADYLOGUE, 11, June, 4pp, 5x7, Milton R. Grady.

HERMIT'S GAZETTE. The, 9, June, 4pp, 5x7,.Frank M. Cushing

ISENLOCUTOR, The, 8,. May, 4pp, 8x11, dup, Arthur V. lsenberg

LITTLE WONDER GAME, Rhe, 1-1, June, 3x5, Vic Knerr.

MINIATURE GAZETTE & OCCASIONAL NARRATOR, The, 1-2, June 21, 2pp, 5x7, Robert Coe

MAILER, The, 19=11, June, 4pp, 5x8, mimeo, Bert Baker.

MIRAGES and Washington, DC, News items, 4pp, 5x7, Margaret Thomas
NEW JERSEY HORSE. The, 8x11, 1pp, dup, John A. Homlish. Jr.

PROVOCATION,3, June, 4pp, 3x3, Willametta Keffer.

REFLECTION'S & REFRACTION, 7pp, 5x7, Dr. Harold E. Davids

RIVER HILL PRINTER. The, 7, June, 4pp, 4x6, Robert L. Jaskovski

STRICTLY DUERR, June, 4pp, 5x7, Emerson Duerr.

SEATTLE AMATEUR. 55-3, Sept, 4pp, 5x7, Dr.Clyde Noel and contributor,.

STUDENT PRINTS, The, 2. April, 4pp, 3x5, Paul W. Haywood.

TIB-BITS, 1-1, June, 4pp, 5x7, Sally O'Rear

TRANSCRIPT, The, 2, May, 4x5,12pp, Elizabeth Butt.

TUSCULUM, 1-5, June, 4pp, 5x7, Hans Hoffmann.

VISTAS, 1, May, 4pp, 5x7, Della B. Vik.

WAVE YOUR BANNERS, May, 8pp and cover, 5x7, Maude M. Tibbetts.


JULY 1958 MAILING 27 Papers

BLUE GRASS AMATEUR, June, July, each 4pp, 5x7, Irwin O. Brandt.

BERT BAKER'S BULLETIN, 6-3, July, 12pp, 5x8, mimeo., Bert Baker.

CARAVELLA, 1, June, 4pp, 4x6, Stan Piaskowski.

COMMENT, July, 4pp, 5x7, Carla Patsuris and Clyde Noel.

CORNERSTONE, The, July, 8pp, 5x7, G. Wallace Tibbetts.

GUIDED THISTLE, The, July 3, 4, 5, Chicago convention daily, each 2pp, 8x11, mimeo, Mildred and Bert Baker, Willametta Keffer, Emerson Duerr.

GUIDED THISTLE SUPPLEMENT, The, July 5, 3pp, 8x11, mimeo, Willametta Keffer, Mildred and Bert Baker, Emerson Duerr.

HERMIT'S GAZETTE, The, 10, Aug,, 4pp, 5x7, Frank M. Cushing,

HYACINTHS, 1-2, July, 4pp, 5x7, Sally O'Rear

ISENLOCUTOR, The, 9, June, 3pp, 8x11, dup, Arthur V. Isenberg.

JUNIOR JOURNALIST, The, 3-1, July, 5x8, 2pp, Alan E. Harshaw.

JUST OUR TYPE OF WEAKER RABBIT, 4pp, 5x7, Rowena and Victor Moitoret and Family, Ralph and Nancy Babcock; Matilda,William, Paul Haywood.

LITTLE WONDER, The, 1-2, July, 4pp, 3x5, Vic Knerr.

MAILER, The, 19-12, July, 4pp, 5x8, rnimeo, Bert Baker.

NOTES BY PETERSON, 1pp, 8x11, dup, Carl Peterson.

OUR FOURTH-OF-JULY FLYER, 4pp, 5x7, Alan Harshaw and Milton R. Grady,
PASTIME PRINTER, The 9, July, 5x7, 8pp, Steve L. Watts.

RIVER HILL PRINTER, The, 8, July, 4x6, Robert J. Jaskovski.

SAGE HAWK, The, 1, Summer, 4pp, 5x7, Veda B. Collins.

TUSCULUM, 1-6, July; 1-7, Aug., each 4pp, 5x7, Hans A. Hoffmann.

WEAKER MOMENTS, 93, July 8, 4pp, Ralph W. Babcock.

WISCONSIN REPORT, New Series, 2, Sept, 2pp, 8x11, mimeo, and June 2pp, 8x11, mimeo, Larry Notman.



ALFS CAT, 108, May, 24pp and cover, Alfred P. Babcock and Dora Moitoret.

DIFFERENT DRUMMER, 1, Spring, 16pp cover, 4x6, Alvin Fick, Multi-colored cover by Eric Webb.

FRIDAY MARKET, 8, July, 20pp, 5x7, A Shearn and contributors.

LEAVES, 62, May, 15pp, 3x4, Warren Rosenberger.

STRICTLY DUERR, June, 4pp, 5x7, Emerson Duerr.

YODLER, The, 4-4, Summer, 6pp, 8x11, Olive E. Read and contributors.

WEAKER BREEZE (WEAKER MOMENTS) 72, 4pp, 5x7, Ralph Babcock and Tom Whitbread.

WEAKER MOMENTS, 81, 82, 87, 88, 89, each 4pp, 5x7, Ralph W. Babcock.



APC NEWS, 65, Aug. 4pp, 5x7, Amateur Printers Club members.

BUCKEYE AMATEUR, 6, 3-4, 4pp, 5x8, mimeo, Marion Snyder.

COLORADO ROUNDUP, 8, Summer, 12pp and cover, 5x7, Columbia Amateur Press Club. Contributors: Elaine Peck, Pierce Munsey. Veda Collins, Karen Turelli, Goldie Thompson; printed by Stan Oliner and Kermit Schuman.

ESSE. 3, Aug, 4pp, 5x8, Dorothy Winn and C. A. Stock, editor.

FLYLEAD, 1, 6pp, 3x5, George W. Hamilton.

GIRLDOM, 1-4 (New Series), July, 4pp, 5x7, Wilfried Myers.

GRADYLOGUE, 12, Aug. 4pp, 5x7, Milton R. Grady.

HERMIT'S GAZETTE, 11, Sept. 4pp, 5x7, Frank M. Cushing,

IN BETWEEN, 13, Autumn, 4pp, 5x8, Lexy Ostergaard and Lewys Jones.

JLAPC FORUM, 2, 1958, 16pp, 5x7, Jack London Press Club members.

KITTEN, The, 53, July, 4pp, 5x7, Alfred P. Babcock.

LABOR DAY GAZETTE, 4pp, 5x7, Milton Grady and Alan Harshaw.

LITERARY NEWSETTE, 391 and 392, Jul 29 and Aug. 5, each 2pp, 8x11, mimeo, Willametta Keffer.

LITTLE WONDER, The 1-3, Aug. 4pp, 3x5 Vic Knerr.

MARTINI, The, Aug. 4pp, 5x8, Martin Keffer, Margaret Gawthrop, Roy C. Martin

NEW JERSEY HORSE, The, 1pp, 8x11, spirit dup., John A. Holmish, Jr.

PRAIRIE BREEZE, The, 12, Aug. 4pp, 5x7, Albert R. Taylor.

PATRIOT, The, 15, Sept. 4pp, 5x7, Orella D. Halstead

PRINTER'S LETTER, The, 8, May, 4pp, 5x7, Samuel W. Tatnall.

RIVER HILL PRINTER, 9, Aug. 4x6, Robert J. Jaskovski.

SAGE HAWK, The, 2, Late Summer, 4pp, 5x7, Veda B. Collins, Olive E. Read, Mary Garbarini.

VISTAS, 2, July, 8pp, 5x7, Della B. Vik.

WEAKER PRINTER (WEAKER MOMENTS) 94, 4pp, 5x7, Ralph W. Babcock.

WEAKER PASTIME (WEAKER MOMENTS) 95, 4pp, 5x7, Ralph W. Babcock.

WELCOME MAT, 15, July, 2pp, 5x7, the Harold Segals and the Bill Haywoods.



ADOLPHUS BROWN AND OTHER VERSES, 24pp and cover, 3x5, Leslie Barker.

APC NEWS, 66, Aug. 30, 4pp, 5x7, Amateur Printers Club members.

BULLDOG, The, 1, 2pp, 4x6, Ray MacMahon.

CAMPANE, 30, Sept., 12p 5x7, Hazel and Harold Segal, Louise Lincoln, and Guest Jack Coolidge.

ECHOES IN THE GARDEN OF GETHSEMANE (Cornerstone), Aug. 8pp and cover, G. Wallace Tibbetts, Helen Middleton, Veda Collins.

FEATHERS IN THE WIND, Fall, 4pp, 5x7, Dorothy B. Winn.

GRADYLOGUE, 12, Aug. 4pp, 5x7, Milton R. Grady.

HERMIT'S GAZETTE, The, 12, Oct. 4pp, 5x7, Frank M. Cushing.

HI, 4pp, 4x6, Fred Mac Mahon.

HYACINTHS, 1-3, Sept. 4pp, 5x7, Sally O'Rear, Veda Collins.

HYPOCHONDRIATIC KITTEN, 54, Aug. 4pp, 5x5, Alfred Babcock and Daughter Martha.

ISENLOCUTOR, The, Aug. 4pp, 8x11 dup, Arthur V. Isenberg.

LITERARY NEWSETTE, 393, Aug. 25, 2pp, 8x11, mimeo, Willametta Keffer.

LITTLE WONDER, The, 1-4, Sept. 4pp, 3x5, Vic Knerr.

NAPANOTES, 5, Fall, 4pp, 4x5, Willard B. Savary.

NATIONAL AMATEUR, 81-1, Sept. Official Organ of NAPA, officers' reports, 12pp and cover, 7x10, Kermit R. Schuman, editor.
ODIUM, 1-1, Sept. 4pp, 5x7, Edna H. McDonald (Vondy).

PHILOMUSIA LITERARY JOURNAL, 2, Sept. 20pp, 4x5, Willard B. Savary, Ella Mae Forrest, Margaret Jones, Dorothy Winn, Veda Collins, Edward McNamee, Rockwell Schaefer, Della Vik.

POLYSTICH, The, 31, Sept. 12pp, 4x5, Willard B. Savary, Truda McCoy, Dorothy Winn, Veda Collins.

PRAIRIE BREEZE, The, 13, Sept. 4pp, 4x5, Albert R. Taylor.

SEATTLE AMATEUR, 55-4, Dec. 4pp, 5x7, Clyde F. Noel, Nona Spath.

SHAMBLER, 6, Sept. 4pp, 3x7, Al Fick.

SPINNER, The, 1, Summer, 4pp, 4x6, Eric Webb.

STRICTLY DUERR, Sept. 4pp, 5x7, Emerson Duerr.

THANK YOU, Aug. 1pp, 5x7, Maude and G. Wallace Tibbetts.

TUSCULUM, 8, Sept. 4pp, 5x7, Hans A. Hoffmann,

VIRGINIA VISITOR, 2, Aug. 4pp, 4x4, Willametta Keffer.



BRITANNIC KITTEN, (The Kitten), 55, Sept.4pp, 5x7, Lewys Jones and Alfred P. Babcock.

BERT BAKER'S BULLETIN, 6-4, Oct. 12pp, 5x8, mimeo, Bert Baker.

BEGINNER, The, Anytime, 4pp, 2x3, Frank M. Cushing.

CANDLEBEAMS, 11, Oct. 4pp, 5x7, Dean S. Bollman.

CANYON ECHOES, 1, Sept. 4pp, 5x8, offset, Dorothy Gallagher.

DEEP CREEK DIGEST, 3, Oct. 4pp, 5x7, Elizabeth Beavers and Viola Payne.

GRADYLOGUE, 13, Oct. 4pp, 5x7, Milton R.Grady.

HOUSE BLESSING, A, Pin up card, 1pp, 5x7, G. Wallace Tibbetts.

HERMIT'S GAZETTE, 13, Nov. 4pp, 5x7, Frank M. Cushing.

ISENLOCUTOR, Sept. 26, 2pp, 8x11, offset, Arthur V. Isenberg.

LITERARY NEWSETTE, 394, Sept. 26, 2pp, 8x11, mimeo, Willametta Keffer.

LITTLE WONDER, The, 1-5, Oct. 4pp, 3x5, Vic Knerr.

MARTINI, 27, Oct. 4pp, 5x8, Martin B. Keffer, Louise Lincoln and guest contributors.
MANUSCRIPT BUREAU, 1, Oct. 2pp, 8x11, mimeo., Edna H. McDonald.

PHILOMUSIA LITERARY JOURNAL, 3, Oct.16pp, 4x5, Willard B. Savary, Veda Col‑

lins, Ella Mae Forrest, Helen Middleton, Rockwell Schaefer, and other contributors.

QUOTE, 1-3, Oct. 4pp, 4x5, Dwight E. Agner.

RIVER HILL PRINTER, 10, 4pp, 4x7, Robert J. Jaskovski.

SEARCH AND QUESTION, 2-4, Autumn, 12pp, 5x8, Paul E. Heir, Truda McCoy, George Macauley, Florence G. Mann, Anton Bohm, Dorothy B. Winn.

THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER (Cornerstone), Oct. 4pp and cover, 5x7, G. Wallace Tibbetts, Helen Middleton,, Veda Collins.

TUSCULUM, 9, Oct. 4pp, 5x7, Hans A. Hoffmann,

VISTAS, 3, Autumn, 4pp, 5x7, Della Vik, Olive E. Read.

X-RAYS, Aug. 4pp, 5x7, Ray Albert and former member Mary Castleman.

Warren S. Rosenberger, Historian



APC NEWS, 67, 68, Oct. 4 and Nov. 15, 4pp, 5x7, APC members.

COMMENT, Oct., 4pp, 5x7, Clyde F. Noel

CORNERSTONE, THE, Nov., 4pp and cover, 5x7, G. Wallace Tibbetts.

DENVARIA, 13, Nov., 4pp, 5x7, members of the Columbine Amateur Press Club.

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