January 1957 Bundle 19 papers

BERT BAKER'S BULLETIN, 5-1, Jan., 5x8, 8pp, mimeo, Bert Baker, editor-publisher.

BROOKLYNITE, Dec., 8x14, 4pp, illustrated. Felicitas Haggerty, Matilda Haywood, Jeffrey Jennings. Bill Haywood, and unaffiliated members of Brooklyn Blue Pencil Club..

COMMUNICATION, Jan., 5x5, 4pp, Paula Nelson. editor-publisher. Ostergaard print.

CORNERSTONE, Dec, 5x7, 8pp and cover, Helen E. Middleton, Gale W. Sheldon, Veda B. Collins, Dorothy B. Winn, and G. Wallace Tibbetts, editor-publisher. Brann print.

CORNERSTONE, Jan., 5x7, 4pp, Helen E. Middleton, Alma Weixelbaum, and the editor-publisher.

FREE LANCE, NS-2, Winter, 5x8, 12pp and cover, Garth Bentley, Irma Keehn, Margaret Jones, Alexia Ostergaard, Dr. L. Pearle Smith, Earl A. Kuns, Carl A. Josseck, Emerson Duerr, Matilda Ackerman, Harriet Gilmore, Zita LeCompt, and unaffiliated members of the Chicago Writers Club. Edited by Fred C. Eichin, president, and printed by Brauner Ostergaard. (Illustrations on back cover.)

HAY FIELD, Woodland Echo Number, Jan, 16pp, Emma Macauley and George W. Macauley, editor-printer.

JUNIOR JOURNALIST, 2-2, 5x8, Alan Harshaw, editor-printer.

KITTEN, 52, Jan., 5x7, 4pp, Alf Babcock, editor-printer, back at his press again after rnoving into a home of his own and asking for "copy" to resume publication of Alf's Cat.

NAPA MAILER, 18-6, Jan., 4x8, 1pp, Alexia Ostergaard, editor-printer, with husband Braunner demonstrating how to print without margins.

NAPANOTES, 4, Winter, 4x5, 8pp, "The Yellow Journal," Willard Savary, editor-printer.

NORTH CAROLINA ADVOCATE, 1-3, Feb, 5x8, 4pp and cover, Dorothy B. Winn, C.A.A. Parker, and Paul E. Heir, editor-printer.
POLYSTICH, 24, 6-1, Jan, 16pp, John L. Grinch and Willard B. Savary, editor-printer. (He announces the marriage of his daughter Hazel, and you read that part, didn't you, about the ultra-modern home she and her husband live in? Willard doesn't exaggerate. Mrs. Duerr and I were there, and the house has no front door. The whole front of the living room is glass, a panel of which slides to admit guests.-Ed.)

SPECTATOR, 45, Jan., 5x7, 16pp with a very slick paper cover celebrating the publisher's fiftieth birthday. Frances H. Beran, Carla Patsuris, Viola Payne, and Milton R. Grady, editor-printer, ogling record album covers. Illustrated.

STRICTLY DUERR, Jan. 4x7, 1pp, Emerson Duerr, editor-printer.

TWO EMS, 11, Jan., 5x7, 4 pp, featuring thumbnail sketch of Bessie Barnes. Dora Moitoret, editor, publisher.Printed by No. 1 son, Victor.

VISITING FIREMAN, 2, Dec., 4x5, 4pp, Dora Moitoret visiting the Keffers at Shady Acre, and printed by them.

VOLUSIA STAR, 3-1, Jan.-Feb., 4x7, 16pp, Maybelle B. Toulson and Wm. Norman Hall, editor-publisher. Mimeo.

WILLAMETTA'S SEEDLING, 4, Jan., 4x5, 4pp, Willametta Keffer, editor-printer.


February 1957 Bundle 10 papers

BAYOU BLOSSOMS, Feb., 5x7, 4pp, Wylma G. Heard, editor.

BERT BAKER'S BULLETIN, 6-2, Feb., 5x8, 8pp, mimeo, Bert Baker, editor-publisher.
COMMUNICATION, 2, Spring, 5x5, 4pp, Paula Nelson, editor. Ostergaard print.

DENVARIA, 10, Feb., 5x7, 4pp, Columbine APC, Kermit Schuman, editor-printer.

DRIPPINGS, 1-1, 5x6, 4pp, Dr. Margaret M. Jones, editor. Ostergaard print.

MISCELLANEA TYPOGRAPHICA, 1, Jan, 3x5, 4pp, Leonard F. Bahr, editor- printer.

NAPA MAILER, 18-7, Feb, 4x11, 1pp, Alexia Ostergaard, editor-printer.

PATRIOT, 10, Feb., 4x6, 4pp, Orella D. Halstead, editor-publisher.

REFLECTIONS & REFRACTIONS, 8, Spring, 5x7, 4 pp, Dr. Harold E. Davids, editor-printer.

SEATTLE AMATEUR, 54-2, April, 5x7, 4pp, Helen E. Middleton, Anita R. Kirksey, Sandor Esterhazy, and Dr. C. F. Noel, editor-publisher.


March 1957 Bundle 17 papers

BERT BAKER'S BULLETIN, Mar, 8pp, mimeo, Bert Baker, editor-publisher.

BOY'S HERALD, 44, 1956, 5x8, 4pp, Illustrated, Marion Snyder and Wilfried Myers, editor-publisher.
CHIMES, 30, Feb., 4x6, 16pp and cover, Alvin S. Fick, Maurice Peach, Viola Payne, and Gordon K. Rouse, editor-printer circulating in the NAPA bundle for the first time since1944.

CORDUROY PATCH, Feb., 5x8, 8pp, illustrated, offset. New member Eddie Schaffer is the driver of this bus.

GOLDENROD, 7-8, Dec, 4x7, 12pp, Rockwell B. Schaefer and O. W. Hinrichs, editor-printer.

MAYHEW PRESS, Mar., 5x7, 4pp, George W. Macauley. Describes his printing equipment and some of its history.

MISCELLANEA TYPOGRAPHICA, Mar, 5x7, 4pp, Leonard F. Bahr, editor-printer.

NAPA MAILER, 18-8, Mar, 4x7, 1pp, Alexia Ostergaard, editor-printer.

NATIONAL NEWS-LEADER, 1-4, Feb., 7x10, 4pp, Willametta Keffer, Helen E. Middleton, G. Wallace Tibbetts, and Russell L. Paxton, editor-printer.

NIRVANA, undated, 8x11, 2pp, mimeo, Ralph Hale, editor-publisher.

PASTIME PRINTER, 4, Mar, 5x7, Steve L. Watts, editor-printer, featuring a dissertation on the rhythm of changes in type styles.

PRAIRIE BREEZE, 8, Mar, 4x5, 4pp., Albert R. Taylor, editor-printer.

SEARCH, 1-1, Spring, 4x5, 8pp, Paul E. Heir, editor-publisher.

SNOWSHOES, unnumbered, undated, 5x7, 8pp, A. L. Shearn and John Hurdis, editor-printer.

SPECTATOR, 46, Apr, 20pp and cover, Stan Oliner, Helen E. Middleton, Carla Patsuris, Thomas B. Whitbread, and Milton R. Grady, editor-printer.

STRICTLY DUERR, Mar., 4x8, 1pp, Emerson Duerr, editor-printer.

VISITING FIREMAN, 3, Feb, 4x5, 4pp, Martin and Willametta Keffer, editor-printers, celebrating the visit of Ray "Awful" Albert to Pica Palace.


Privately Mailed
COPERNICUS, from Ptolemy to Kepler; 4x5, 32pp, a reprint of the articles by John L. Grinchin Polystitch. Willard B. Savary, editor-printer.

EVENING SHADOWS, 2, 4x6, 4pp, front page illustrated with linoleum block printed in brown. Rev herbert H. Lambert, editor-printer.

FAR AFIELD, 12, Spring, 5x7, 36pp and cover, Luis S. Mackey, Vondy, Alice W. Todaro, John S. Kendall, and F.F. Thomas Jr, editor-printer

FRIDAY MARKET, 4. April, 5x7, 12pp and cover, unafiliated writers and A.L. Shearn, editor-printer

IRENE'S ITEMS, 6, Dec, 4x7, 4pp, printed by Arthur Harris.

JAYHAWK JOURNAL, 7, Autumn, 4x6, 8pp and cover, Nona D. Spath, Rockwell B. Schaefer and Violet M. Simpson, editor-printer.

JUST OUR TYPE, 4, 5x7, 24pp and cover, Viola Payne, Vondy, and Matilda S., Paul W., and William F. Haywood, editor-printers.

LONDON AMATEUR RECORDER, 63, Dec, 4x6, 8pp, mimeo, Dick Coomber, editor-publisher.

ROBERT E. KUNDE, Historian


April 1957 Bundle 12 papers

BAYOU BLOSSOMS, April, 5x7, 4pp, Wylma Georgia Heard, editor-Publisher.

BERT BAKER'S BULLETIN, 5-4, April, 5x8, 8pp, Bert Baker, editor, publisher.
CORDUROY PATCH, 1957, 6x 8, 8pp, Eddie Schaffer, editor-publisher.

JAYHAWK JOURNAL, 8, March, 4x6, 12pp and cover, Rockwell B. Schaefer, Nona D. Spath, Marion Snyder, and Violet Marr Simpson, editor-printer.

LITERARY NEWSETTE, 386, April, 8x11, 2pp, mimeo, Willametta Keller, editor-publisher.

MASCOT, 7-1, March, 5x7, 4pp, Johnson D. A.Kucwurni, Martin B. Keller, and Sesta T. Matheison, editor-publisher.

NAPA MAILER, April, 4x9, 1pp, Alexia J Ostergaard, cditor-printer

PRAIRIE BREEZE, 9, April, 4x5, 4pp, Albert R. Taylor, editor-printer.

Prospectus for "The Centennial Encyclopaedic History of Amateur Journalism,- by Sheldon C. Wesson. 4x7, 4pp.

SEARCH, 1-2, late spring, 5x8, 8pp and cover, Paul E. Heir, editor, printer.

SPECTATOR, 47, May, 5x7, 20pp and cover, Paula Nelson, Helen E. Middleton, Viola Payne,

and Milton Grady, editor-printer.

WILLAMETTA'S SEEDLING, 5, April, 4x5, 4pp, Willametta Keller, editor-printer.


May 1957 Bundle 21 papers
AMALGAMATED, Spring, 5x7, 4pp., Fred C. Eichin, Lexy and Braunner Ostergaard, editors: Ostergaard print.

BERT BAKER'S BULLETIN, 5-5, May, 5x8, 8pp, mimeo, Bert Baker, editor-publisher.

BOOKERY, 5, Spring, 5x7, 4pp, Fred C. Eichin, editor-publisher. Ostergaard print.

BUGLE, 1, 1957, 8x11, 2pp, mimeo, James L. Doolittle, Evelyn S. Kitchen, Karen Turelli, Howard T. Lackey, Mary S. Holbrook, Carl A. Josseck, Steve L. Watts, and Kermit Schuman, editor-publisher. "Featuring the writings of some of our new members."

CALIFORNIA SUN, 39, May, 8x11, 6pp, multilith. George Gaylord, Jr., 4tor-publisher back at the old stand after an absence from bundle since December due to illness.

CEMETERY RABBIT, 34, April, 5x7, 4pp, Vic and Rowena Mo:toret, editors-printers. Beating drums for Washington convention.

COLORADO ROUNDUP, 6, Spring, 5x7, 16pp and corer, 2 wood engravings. Vernal Patterson, Veda Collins. Elaine Peck, Pauline Kerr, Stan Oliner, Goldianne Thompson, Karen Turelli, O. W. Hinrichs, and Kermit Schuman, editor-printer. Columbine A. P. C.

COMMUNICATION, 3, Summer, 5x6, 4pp, Paula Nelson, editor-publisher. Ostergaard print.

GAGE PIN, 7, Spring, 3x4, 4pp and cover, Fred H. Gage.

LOQUACIOUS CLAM, 2, April 1, 5x7, 4pp, Henry W. Landenberger and Dalton V. Brunsdon edito-printer

NAPA MAILER. 18-10 May, 4x7, 1pp., Alexia Ostergaard, editor-printer.

NATIONAL NEWS-LEADER, 1-5, April, 7x10, 4pp, Vic Moitcrct, A. Walrus (Louise Lincoln), Janet McKinley, Orella D. Halstead, and Russell L. Paxton, editor-printer.

OLD OAKEN BUCKET, 6-1, Easter, 8x11, 2pp, mimeo, Mary L. Silvia, editor-publisher.

PIED TYPE, 3, 1957, 5x7, 2pp, Swiftset, Richard L. Coram, editor-swiftsetter, now located in Richmond, Ind. suggesting members look him up when in that city.

POLYSTICH, 25, May, 4x5, 28pp, John L. Grinch reflecting on the firmament, the I. Q. of drivers, and the atom bomb: and Bill Savary editor-printer, with a dissertation on novelist Marie Corelli and the retrospect of his life. Illustrated. Also Nona D. Spath and Helen E. Middleton.

PROOFREAD, 17, Spring, 4x6, 16pp and cover. Vondy (Edna Hyde McDonald), Mike White, Wallace Tibbett, Viola Payne, and Kermit Schuman, editor-printer (again? Yes, his third paper in this brindle)

SEATTLE AMATEUR, 54-3, July, 5x7, 6pp, Fred Gage, Carla Patsuris, Edward Whiting, P. F. McNamee, Nona D. Spath, Bessie Barnes, Sandor Esterhazy, and Clyde Noel, editor-publisher. Printed by McNamee in his new type face. Heretofore he has used 8 pt. Century expanded. Now he has 9 pt. Century O!d Style from Acme Typefounders of Chicago.

SPARKLER, 3, not dated, 5x8, 4 pp., offset, Norma A. Kirkendall, editor.

TRANSCRIPT, 1, May, 4x5, 8pp, Elizabeth Butt still at work on her 3x5 Kelsey but publishing a bigger and brighter paper. We expect she'll be in the 5x8 class soon.

VELLA'S CORNER, not dated or numbered, 4x4 1pp, Vella Thompson, editor-publisher

WHO SAYS SO?, 1, not dated, 8x11, 1pp, mimeo, Norma A. Kirkendall, editor-publisher


Other Publications

AD ASTRA, 1, March, 5x7, 16pp, Helen C. Smith, Stan Oliner, British ajs, and John Smith, editor-printer.

ART'S ISENLOCUTOR, 10, April, 8x11, 3pp, Arthur V. Isenberg, editor-publisher, with Cantos 1 and 2 of Poems of Power by his friend, Frederick Rulcotter, same size, 16pp each.

FOSSIL, 54-152, January, 9x12, 16pp., illustrated, H. C. Koenig, Sheldon C. Wesson, and Edward H. Cole, official editor.

FOSSIL, 54-153, April, 9xl2, 24pp, illustrated, Sheldon C. Wesson, John Smith Kendall, Herbert Hauser, Michael White, Clement Robinson and Edward H. Cole, official editor. Recomended reading: Wesson's account of how he guided Japanese printers through the intricacies of the English language in printing Spencer's "History of AJ."

GATOR GROWL, 65, January, 5x8, 32pp and cover, James A. Lemon, Viola Payne, Alvin S. Fick. and Leland M. Hawes, Jr, editor, publisher- Paxton print.

HISTORY OF AMATEUR JOURNALISM. by Truman J. Spencer. 228 pp. and cover. Limited edition of 500 copies published by the Fossils. Illustrated. Produced in Japan under the direction of Sheldon C. Wesson.

IT'S A SMALL WORLD, 1957, 5x7, 26pp and cover, Leonard Bahr, Edward Cole, Duerr, A. S. Fick, Fred Gage,

Milton Grady, Ralph Green, Walter J. Held, Willametta and Martin Keffer, Maurice Peach, A. L. Shearn, John Smith,and Matilda S. and William F. Haywood binders and publishers.

RENDEZVOUS. 2, March, 4x6, 12pp, Rhinhart Kleiner, E. A. Edkins, and Joseph W. Curran, editor-printer

SAN FRANCISCO EVENING LAMP, 17, June, DeForest Sanford memorial issue, 6x9, 20pp and cover, illustrated. Paula Nelson, Rockwell B. Schaeffer, John H. Clark, Marvin Sanford, editor-printer. Photographs of and scenes from the life of the editor's father, who died November 30, 1956.

STORY PAPER COLLECTOR, 62-3, April 5x6, 16pp, unaffiliated writers and William H. Gander, editor-printer.

STUDENT PRINTS, 1, Jan., 2x4, 4pp, Paul Wesley Haywood, age 7, editor-printer.

UNFINISHED SYMPHONY, undated, 4x6, 20pp and cover, 4pp printed in invisable ink. C.W. Wood, editor-publisher.

YODLER, 3-3, Spring, 8x11, 4pp, spirit dup, George Crawford, Dorothy Winn, Nona D. Spath, and Olive E. Read, editor-publisher.


JUNE 1957 Bundle 21 PAPERS

ALL AMERICAN AMATEUR, 16-1, Summer, 4pp, 5x8, printed by editor, E. P. Witte.

APROPOS, 1-1, Summer, 2pp, 5x7 mimeo, Alice Julian, editor-publisher.

BERT BAKER'S BULLETIN, 5-6, June, 5x8, 8pp, mimeo, Bert Baker, editor-publisher.

BISCAYNE BREEZE, June, 5x7, 8pp, Alice M. Waite, editor-publisher.

CALIFORNIA SUN. 40. June, 2pp, multilith, George Gaylord Jr. editor-publisher.

CANDLEBEAMS. 9. June. 4pp, 5x7, Printed by editor-publisher, Dean S. Bollman

EVENING SHADOWS. 3, 2pp, 4x5, printed at Day's End Press Herbert and Esther Lambert.

FRAGMENT, 11. June. 4pp, 4x5, edited and published by F. Bissenden and printed by the Keffers.

HOOT OWL, 8, May, 4pp, 3x4, edited and printed by Ernie Pittaro.

ISENLOCUTOR, 3, June, 6pp, 8x11, edited and mimeod by Arthur Isenberg.

JUNIOR JOURNALIST, 2-3, 2pp, 5x8, edited and printed, Alan Harshaw.

LITERARY NEWSETTE. 387, May, 8x11, 2pp, mimeod, Willametta Keffer, editor-publisher.

NAPA MAILER, June, 5x9, 1pp, Alexia J. Ostergaard, editor-printer.

NATIONAL NEWS-LEADER. 1-6, June, 7x10, 4pp, Helen -Middleton. G. Wallace Tibbetts, Russell L.Paxton, editor-printer.

OLD TIMER, 2, 8pp, 4x6, edited and printed by publisher James Larkin Pearson.

PASTIME PRINTER, 5, June, 5x7, published by Steve L. Watts, editor-printer.

PATRIOT, 11, June, 4x6, 4pp, Orella D. Halstead, editor-publisher.

P-K SCRIBBLER, 17, 6x9, 12pp, edited and printed by publisher, Russell L. Paxton.
RAYS, June, 3x5, 4pp, edited and printed by publisher, Ray Albert.

SCRATCH SHEET, June, 1pp, 5x8, political news-sheet printed at the Ostergaard Press and edited by Fred Eichin.

STRICTLY DUERR, June, 5x7, 4pp, newssheet printed by editor, Emerson Duerr.


Privately Mailed Publications

CORDUROY PATCH, June, 8x11, 12pp with illustrated offset. Eddie Schaffer, editor and publisher with help from other interested amateur journalists.

NATIONAL AMATEUR, Vol. 79, 4 issues totaling 60pp, 7x10, profusely illustrated and published quarterly by the membership of the NAPA. Emerson Duerr, official editor, and printed by Russell L. Paxton.

YODLER, 3-4, Summer, 8x11, 4pp, Spirit duplicated by Olive E. Read, editor-publisher.
-ROBERT KUNDE, Historian


JULY 1957 Bundle 15 PAPERS

BLUE GRASS AMATEUR, July, 4x6, 4pp, Irwin Brandt and Edward Tevis, editor-publishers.

CALIFORNIA SUN, 41, July, 8x11, 2pp, George T. Gaylord, editor-publisher.

CALIFORNIA SUN, 42, August, 8x11, 2pp, George T. Gaylord, editor-publisher.

CAPITOL COLUMNS, 1-1, July 4, 5x7, 4pp, convention daily printed on press of Victor Moitoret.

CAPITOL COLUMNS, 1-2, July 5, 5x7, 4pp, convention daily printed on press of Victor Moitoret.

CAPITOL COLUMNS, 1-3, July 6, 5x7, 4pp, convention daily printed on press of Dalton V. Brunsdon,

CAPITOL COLUMNS, 1-4, July 7, 5x7, 4pp, convention daily printed on press of Steve L. Watts.

CAPITOL COLUMNS, 1-5, July 8, 4pp, linotyped by Joe Bradburn and printed by Victor Moitoret.

CAPITOL COLUMNS, 1-6, July 13, 5x7, 4pp, post-convention, printed by Emerson Duerr.

CHIMES. 31, July, 5x7, 12pp and cover, Fred C. Eichin, Alvin S. Fick, Norma Anne Kirkendall, and Gordon K. Rouze, editor-printer.

INTERIM, 11, June, 5x6, 4pp, E. A. Edkins and Eleanor Widger (both deceased), and C. A. A. Parker, editor. Printed by Stan Oliner.

LITERARY NEWSETTE, 388, July 11, 8x11, 2pp, Willametta Keffer, editor-publisher.

MISCELLANEA TYPOGRAPHICA, 3, July, 4x7, 16pp and cover, Leonard F. Bahr, editor-printer.

NAPA MAILER, July, 5x8, Alexia J. Ostergaard, editor-printer.

SEARCH AND QUESTION, 1-3, Summer, 5x8, 8pp and cover, Dorothy B. Winn, Nona D. Spath, and Paul E. Heir, editor-printer, with reproduction of lithograph made by the editor.

-HAROLD E. DAVIDS, Historian


AUGUST 1957 BUNDLE 13 Papers

BERT BAKER'S BULLETIN, 50, July 8, 8pp, 5x7, mimeo., Bert Baker.

CAPITOL COLUMNS, No. 7, Aug. 3 and No. 8. Aug. 10, 4pp each, 5x7, Victor Moitoret and Joe Bradburn.

HELLUVIT, 2, July 28, 2pp, 8x11, mimeo., Stan Oliner.

INTERLOCUTOR, 5pp and cover, 8x11, mimeo., Arthur Isenberg.

MAILER, 19-1, Aug., 4pp, 5x8, mimeo, Baker.

REFLECTIONS AND REFRACTIONS, 9, Summer, 4pp, 5x7, Sonya and Harold Davids.

SHAMBLER, 3, July, 8pp, 4x6, George Macauley and Al Fick.

SEATTLE AMATEUR, 54-4, Sept., 4pp, 5x7, Clyde F. Noel.

SPARKLER, 5, 4pp, 5x8, mimeo, N. Kirkendall.

VISITING FIREMAN, 4, July, 4pp, 4x5, Fred C. Eichin, Willametta and Martin Keffer.

WEAKER MOMENTS, 74, Aug. 1, 4pp, 5x7, Ralph Babcock.

WHO SAYS SO, 2, 2pp, 8x11, mimeo, Norma Kirkendall,



BROOKLYNITE, The, Aug., 4pp, 8x11, Blue Pencil Club.

BUCKEYE AMATEUR, 6-1, July-Aug., 4pp, 5x8. Marion Snyder.

CAPITOL COLUMNS, No. 9, Aug. 31; No. 10, Sept. 1: No. 11, Sept. 2; each 4pp, 5x7, Joseph Brad-burn and Victor Moitoret.

CEREBRATIONS, 4, Sept., 4pp, 5x7, Carla Patsuris and Alfred Babcock,

DENVARIA, 11, Sept., 2pp, 5x7, Columbine Amateur Press Club of Colorado.

BETWEEN, 11, Autumn, 4pp, 5x8, Alexia and Brauner Ostergaard.

JUNIOR JOURNALIST, 2-4, Aug., 2pp, 5x8, Alan Harshaw.

MAILER, 19-2, Sept., 4pp, 5x8, mimeo, Baker

MICHIGAN BEAR, 3, Sept., 8pp, 4x6, Dr. Joseph Dunbar.

RAYS, July, 4pp, 4x5, Ray Albert.

SEARCH AND QUESTION, 1-4, Autumn, 12pp, 5x8, Paul Heir, George Macauley, Dorothy Winn.


OCTOBER 1957 BUNDLE 18 Papers

BERT BAKER'S BULLETIN, 51, Oct., 12pp, 5x8 mimeo., Bert Baker.

COLORADO MINOR, 8pp and cover, 4x6, Rev. Victor Downs and Stan Oliner.

CORNERSTONE, 1pp, 5x7, G. Wallace Tibbetts.

HERMIT'S GAZETTE, 1, Oct., 4pp, 5x7, F. Cushing.

HELLUVIT. 3, Sept., 1pp, 8x11, mimeo, S. Oliner

ISENLOCUTOR, 7pp, 8x11, mimeo, Arthur V. Isenberg.

JLAPC FORUM, 1, Fall. 12pp and cover, 4x3, Jack London Amateur Press Club.

MAILER, 19-3. Oct., 4pp, 5x8, mimeo, Baker.

MAINEIAC, Fall, 4pp, 4x5, Eddie Smart.

QUILLS, 1, Autumn, 4pp, 5x7, Walter Neals.

RAYS. Aug., 8pp, 3x5, Ray Albert, Elizabeth C. McCrimmon.

PATRIOT, 12, Sept., 4pp, 4x6, Orella Halstead.

PASTIME PRINTER, 6, Sept., 16pp, 5x7, S. Watts.

POLYSTICH, 27-A, Oct., 4pp, 4x5, W. Savary.

PRINTER'S LETTER, 7, Oct., 4pp, 5x7, S. Tatnall.

STRICTLY DUERR, Oct., 4pp, 5x7, Emerson Duerr.

SEATTLE AMATEUR, 54-5, Dec., 4pp, 5x7, C. F. Noel, G. W. Tibbetts, Nona Spath.

VISITING FIREMAN, 5, Aug., 4pp, 4x5, Martin and Willametta Keffer, Lois and Bill Mooney.


NOVEMBER 1957 BUNDLE 18 Papers

CAPITOL COLUMNS, No. 12, Oct. 27, 4pp, 5x7, Joseph Bradburn, Victor Moitoret, Willametta Keffer.

EXPERIMENT, 1. Sept., 4pp, 4x5, Joseph Brad-burn, Paula Nelson.

FOSSIL, The, 2pp, 6x9, reprint from Oct. issue.

GAGE PIN, 8, Autumn, 4pp cover, 3x4, F. H. Gage.

GINZA GAZETTE, 11, Sept. 14, 4pp, 4x6, Sheldon Wesson.

HERMIT'S GAZETTE, 2, No.. 4pp, 5x7, F. Cushing.

ISENLOCUTOR, 4, Nov., 3pp, 8x1012, dittoed, Arthur Isenberg.

MAILER, 19-4, Nov., 4pp, 5x8 mimeo, Baker.

MARTINI, 25, Oct., 4pp, 5x8, Martin Keffer, Eric Webb, A. Walrus (Louise Lincoln).

ROLL CALL, 1, Nov. 15, 16pp, 3x4, Harry Castle.

SANS SOUCI QUILL, 1-1, Oct., 12pp, 4x6, Anton Bohm.

SEASON'S GREETINGS, 4pp cover, 6x9, Margaret Gawthrop, Martin and Willametta Keffer.

SEATTLE AMATEUR, 55-1, Jan., 4pp, 5x7, Clyde Noel, Helen Middleton.

SPARKLER, 5, 1pp, 8x11, mimeo, Norma Kirkendall, Nona Spath.

SPARKLER. 6, 4pp, 5x8 mimeo, N. Kirkendall.

WILLAMETTA'S SEEDLING, 6, Oct., 4pp, 4x5, Willametta Keffer.

WHO SAYS SO?, 3, 1pp, 8x11 mimeo., Kirkendall.

GREETINGS, mimeo, Dr. L. Pearle Smith.



ALF'S CAT, 105, Aug., 24pp and cover, 5x7, Alfred Babcock.

CORDUROY PATCH, 1-1, Sept., 16pp, 8x11, offset, Eddie Schaffer.

CORDUROY PATCH, 1-2, 20pp, 8x11. offset, Eddie Schaffer.

GINZA GAZETTE, 10, April, 2pp, 4x6, Igor Oganesoff.

JAMBOREE, 3, July, 4pp, 3x4, Sheldon Wesson.

IMPRESSIONS, 1, Oct., 4pp, 5x7, Gordon Rouze.

POLYSTICH, 27, Oct., 20pp, 4x5, W. Savary.

SAN FRANCISCO EVENING LAMP, 14, 16pp, 6x9, Marvin Sanford.

SIAMESE STANDPIPE, 37, July, 20pp and multicolored cover, 4x6, Sheldon Wesson. Also Son David's NYUBAI NEWS, 4.

SCARLET COCKEREL, 34, 24pp and cover, Ralph Babcock.

YODLER, 4-1, Autumn, 4pp, 8x11, duplicated, Olive E. Read.

YODLER, 4-2, Winter, 3pp, 8x11, duplicated, Olive Read, Veda Collins. George Crawford.



DECEMBER 1957 BUNDLE 21 Papers

BAKER'S BULLETIN, 52, Jan., 16pp and cover, 5x8, mimeo, Bert Baker.

CAPITOL COLUMNS, 13, Nov. 30, 4pp, 5x7, Joseph F. Bradburn and Victor Moitoret

CERERATIONS, 5, Dec., 4pp, 5x7, Eric Webb, Frances Beran, Carla Patsuris, Alf Babcock.

COLORADO ROUNDUP, 7, Winter 1957, 12pp and cover, 5x7, Columbine Amateur Press club, Pauline Kerr, Veda Collins, Kermit Schuman, Pierce Munsey, Goldianne Thompson, Karen Turelli.

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