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This is a place for people who are interested in writing and/or publishing, either in hard copy or electronically, or are already a member of an Amateur Press group or just exploring the idea. Hopefully this will be a place where you can upload your electronic journal or an electronic copy of your paper journal.  You may find other people of like interests and communicate with them.

We would like to acquaint you with the world of Amateur Journalism and hope that your interest will urge you to join one of the existing Amateur Journalism organizations. There are many to choose from. The owner of this site is a member of both the National Amateur Press Association and the American Amateur Press Association. The owner of this site is interested in more cooperation between these two associations.

In these organizations, the best work of each year is awarded a laureate award to recognize the members’ achievements. Laureates, and honorable mentions, are awarded in these categories: Poetry, Fiction, History of Amateur Journalism, Editorial Comment, Miscellaneous Prose, Art, Editing, and Printing.

Printing was historically done using letterpress, but offset, photocopy, and mimeograph have all been used. Today’s journals produced by computer and laser printer. In each case, the words and their presentation are the focus, not the technology.


The objects of this site shall be to bring together and encourage the activity of writers, artists, editors, printers and publishers  for the purpose of broadening their knowledge and improving their abilities and for the production of amateur papers and/or journals at every opportunity.No participant of this site shall derive financial benefit from his participation. He/she shall not engage in propaganda or otherwise slander any other  individual.

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